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Reservations vs. Walk-ins vs. Restaurant ticketing software

The Seattle Times says that restaurant reservations are a “tricky business.” Telephone reservations can lead to costly no shows. Conversely, not accepting reservations and relying on walk-ins can lead to a long wait for a table. Is there a better way? (Hint: Yes, restaurant ticketing software.) A rock and a hard place Everyone is familiar…
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Restaurant Owners Selling Tickets - Iliana Regan

New Gatherer Cuisine Another restaurant owner selling tickets is Iliana Regan in Chicago. Regan’s ‘Elizabeth’ has been selling tickets instead of accepting reservations for over a year. Here’s a look at yet another restaurant ticketing software success story. Next and Aliena may be the original ticket selling restaurants in Chicago, but they are far from…
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No Need For Knives - Use Restaurant Reservation Software Instead

Looks like restaurant reservation no-shows have struck again and this time “the knives are out.” You don’t have to lose any more money like the restaurants below – just transition to selling tickets in-advance with restaurant reservation software! Knives Are Out for No-Show Diners Ever since Next restaurant solved the reservation no-show problem by selling tickets, restaurateurs across the…
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