Input on Output – A New High Water Mark For Venue Patron Affinity?

venue patron affinity

The grand opening of a new nightclub in the trendy Williamsburg borough of New York may have just set a new high water mark for venue patron affinity. Beyond the amazing details of the opening week-end, the venue has written a radical self-description that will surely increase venue patron affinity.

Open Bar For 48 Hours

Last week-end was the long awaited grand opening of the 'Output' nightclub in Williamsburg New York. Initially the grand opening was to be a ticketed event, but event ended up being a free "block party" with unconfirmed rumors of all patrons enjoying an open bar for consecutive two days.

Area resident Nicholas Ledner was there and shared his thoughts on Twitter.

Output. Incredible sound system! Once you are on that dance floor, the bass feels cleaner than the oceans of the Caribbean. It's like you're swimming in music, and the water is great so jump in. The entire weekend was open bar and no cover, so obviously I'm biased, but the music was great, the dancing was fresh, and overall I'm quite happy to have a new dance spot in the hood where you can let loose. Disco meets soul meets Europe here. Finally!

A more formal account of Output's opening week-end was written by Linette Lopez for The Business Insider (BI). Lopez describes Output as the nightclub "all of New York has been waiting for." From BI:

After months of waiting, Output finally opened its doors this weekend. In a word, the place was loud — loud because of an incredible sound system in an incredible space, loud because of the insane lights, and loud because what was billed as a $30 party ended up being free with an open bar that lasted all night long.

Lopez also mentions that the club does not have a dress code, a very different approach when compared to many of the fashion conscious NYC night spots.

You do not go to Output to be seen. You go to dance. Some of New York's nightlife scene moved that way during the recession when everything went bust, and that's how many people want it to stay

Output's deviation from the norm doesn't stop with an open bar and no dress code...

Open To Anyone, But Not For Everyone

The Williamsburg borough is an ultra-hip enclave populated with well educated twenty-somethings who favor the outsider's perspective and shun what is popular. Output shows just how well it knows its target demographic in a self-description posted on Resident Advisor:

Output is open to anyone, but is not for everyone. Output welcomes individuals who value the communal experience of music over cameras, ropes, and bottle service.

It is has been suggested that venues can increase their ticket sales by raising the level of venue patron affinity. A venue owner or event organizer that makes the effort to truly be party of the community gains customer loyalty. What may seem like trivial gestures (food trucks, free drinks, a complimentary ride home, etc.) have deep meaning to patrons, who can become "salesmen" of a sort, recommending the favorite venue to friends.

Output's description of itself is perfectly in-line with the people it wants for customers. The "matching mindset" is an excellent example of how to increase venue patron affinity.

Venue Patron Affinity Sells Tickets

Venue patron affinity is an on-going promise made by a venue to its patrons. Of course this is a person-to-person endeavor, first and foremost, but it also a technological one. When selling tickets to an event, you can add all the reminders of how much you love your customers during the ticket purchase process. ThunderTix offers the ability to add rich descriptive text to an event listing as well as custom email confirmations that can contain a personalized "thank you" message.

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