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ticketing industry

Ticket Fees & The Litigation Nation

Fee Free Friday is back with a special “litigation nation” edition of the controversy surrounding ticket fees! This week the ticketing industry finds itself at odds, not with ticket buyers, but with itself. From Taylor Swift to Mike Tyson, complex lawsuits are flying in every direction – but what is the root cause of it all? Speaking…
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venue patron affinity

Input on Output - A New High Water Mark For Venue Patron Affinity?

The grand opening of a new nightclub in the trendy Williamsburg borough of New York may have just set a new high water mark for venue patron affinity. Beyond the amazing details of the opening week-end, the venue has written a radical self-description that will surely increase venue patron affinity. Open Bar For 48 Hours Last week-end was the…
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presale tickets

2013 Will Be The Year Of Presale Tickets

2013 will be the year of presale tickets, more so than ever before. Presales provide an influx of capital well before an event occurs which can be a powerful tool for venue owners and event organizers. If you think your event is too small for a presale, read on to learn the benefits of presale tickets.