Would @dandyermusic quit Twitter?

Dan Dyer, one of my favorite local musicians, played the other night here in Austin, and I knew I'd miss the show. Stacy and I were working late trying to add Canadian payment processing to ThunderTix, and at 10:00 PM, we still hadn't finished.

I guess Stacy had had enough, because she suggested we call it quits to see Dan. Despite the long day, I knew we were close to completion, and I hesitated.

Then it came. A shout out. A tweet. An invitation.

Does Twitter work? Ask Dan and Mahshad who were delighted to see two programmers, sitting front row no less, tapping their feet to the music.

Check out Dan at the Continental Club Gallery every Monday through August. He's also playing with his new band, The Coveters, at Momos on Wednesdays. Take a look at his website.