A Ticket To Memory Lane: Throwback Souvenir Tickets

A Ticket To Memory Lane: Throwback Souvenir Tickets

Cancelled Tickets

I was recently approached by a potential client interested in exploring online ticketing, and one of the first questions she asked was, “Can I still mail my pre-printed tickets out.” While I assured her of our support for every major thermal ticket printer available, naturally, I pointed out the advantages and flexibility of print-at-home tickets, and the ease which she'd fulfill orders. Acknowledging the convenience, she explained that her clientele had long grown accustomed to receiving their thermal tickets by mail and their desire to keep their tickets as souvenirs.

This brought to mind a conversation I had with my brother-in-law, years ago, about past concert experiences. He retrieved, what can only be described as a time capsule, full of old concert tickets dating back to the early 80's. As he was holding and showing me each one of the tickets, you could literally see the memories of the experience coming back to him. Music has always been an important part of his life, and the concert tickets were one of his most treasured possessions.

The facts is, technology and the convenience of online ticketing, have made hard tickets nearly a relic of the past. However, what do you do with the legions of fans still demanding a keepsake to remember their experience at your venue?

Don't panic! Rest assured, should your venue make the switch to print-at-home tickets, you will not be mobbed by angry fans demanding the throwback souvenir tickets. However, there are things you can do to keep them happy, while still enjoying the convenience of online ticketing.

Print-at-Home Tickets Can be Keepsakes Too

Granted, an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper doesn't quite have he same feel as your classic ticket, but that doesn't mean they aren't keepsake worthy. Look for a ticketing provider that gives you the flexibility to customize your print-at-home tickets to reflect your venue's unique personality. Keep in mind that you have a lot more “working space” on a print-at-home ticket, so make sure you take full advantage of the endless design opportunities. (Consider, too, the space offers great potential for advertising and additional profits.) Most people have access to color printers, so don't be shy to incorporate color as part of your design for your online event tickets.

Special Tickets For Special Occasions

For those special events where your venue would like to print souvenir tickets yet still take advantage of the convenience of online ticketing, simply let your patrons know that they can exchange their print-at-home tickets for a souvenir ticket at the door. Patrons interested in the souvenir ticket will appreciate the option, while still allowing you to operate a more streamlined box office.

While a ticket serves as a tangible reminder of the memories formed at your venue, it's ultimately up to you and your staff to provide your patrons with an unforgettable experience.

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