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How-To Increase Event Parking Revenue

The amount of event parking revenue you are making can be improved when you integrate tiered parking passes into the ticket purchase process. Here how to do it… Not Everyone Can Do What LeBron James Did NBA superstar LeBron James made headlines the other day when he was given a police escort to a concert.…
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How food tours increase bookings with reviews

Every food tour has the goal of increased bookings, but exactly how that is goal achieved is open to debate. Success stories do have one thing in common – a prominent ranking on popular review websites. This post looks at examples of how food tours increase bookings with well earned reviews, plus a little known secret…
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Small Business Ticket Sales & Senate House Bill 1353

As a sidebar to our lighthearted #FeeFreeFriday, this post looks at small business ticket sales in a more serious tone. Recent legal developments in the states of Maryland and Florida need to be closely monitored by small and mid-sized venues. The outcomes will impact your ability to make money.

NAMM show

Conference and Trade Show Registration Checklist

Of all the tasks associated with your conference or trade show, event registration and ticketing for both attendees and vendors, should be priority one. Use this conference and trade show registration checklist to save time, money and help ensure that your event is a successful one. Making a List, Checking it Twice… There are several key…
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Ticketing software with support for special seating considerations

2014 world cup tickets are extremely high demand with the event just weeks away. Of note is the special seating considerations being made for a fans with a certain type of physical challenge – but this particular seating consideration is not part of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at least not yet. Double-wide and double price 2014 world…
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train ride dinner reservation software

The Chocolate Choo Choo & Dinner Train Rides

Celebrating a special occasion like Valentine’s Day is usually associated with an elegant restaurant or a romantic evening at a local hotel. A seldom considered alternative is a dinner train ride. Recently, a scenic train held its annual Valentine’s Day event while others tailored established champagne service just for Cupid’s “victims”. In this post, train…
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Principal Suggests School Event Ticketing System

The principal of a high school in Indiana has suggested that large crowds at school events are a safety concern and that the district should adopt a ticketing system. The nearby college is also seeing a surge in attendance and is already selling tickets online. Watching the video of a stampede of parents (below) may be all…
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Conference Registration Sof

The Ticketing and Conference Registration Software of HTML5.tx

Every trade show and conference needs to sell tickets online and have an efficient registration process. All the more so when the conference is centered around technology, since the tech savvy attendees will have high expectations of the software being used. One such cutting edge technology conference is HTML5.tx in Austin Texas. In addition to…
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George W Bush at Plumstead Christian School

Spotlight - George W. Bush keynote for Plumstead Christian School

We have written about the time-sensitive nature of re-starting a past event, now we’ll discuss another time-sensitive aspect of ticket sales – the importance of graceful non-availability prompts once your event has concluded. Why do we blog this? This post is part of an on-going series of “spotlights”. We want to bring examples of how…
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