Incredible Ticket Sales Velocity of Alchemy Burn

high ticket sales velocity

The incredible ticket sales velocity of the Alchemy Burn outdoor festival has resulted in the final tier being sold out in just 30 minutes! ThunderTix proudly provided Alchemy Burns with the high reliability and robust scaling they needed to achieve such phenomenal sales results.

Alchemy Burn 2013

For those not familiar with “burn” events, they are offshoots of the world famous Burning Man festival held each year in the Nevada desert. A previous post described how the burn events came to be:

The first Burning Man was originally planned to be a one-time event. The first event was such a success, that it has been held every year since 1990 and has become the multi-cultural festival for free spirits to attend...With such high demand it is no surprise that additional supporting events have started before and after Burning Man proper. The additional supporting events, nicknamed “pre-burns” or “burns”, are held regionally across the country.

Alchemy Burn is one of the the national events that occur in support of the Burning Man festival.

Just this week, the final tier of tickets for Alchemy went on sale. Consistently a fast seller, this year’s ticket sales velocity exceeded all expectations - all tickets were sold in less than 30 minutes!

Every festival operator is familiar with the stress that high demand for tickets can place on the online ticketing software. Thousands and thousands of festival goers wait anxiously for the minute tickets go on sale. This “dog pile” effect, with so many clamoring for so (relatively) few tickets, is a true test of mettle for both operator and ticketing software.

Alchemy came through it all with flying colors and the event, scheduled for this October, will be one to remember.

Ticket Sales Velocity and The Cloud

Selling out all tickets in less than 30 minutes is the end result of a lot of hard work by the people who manage the Alchemy Burn festival. The sell out is also proof of how cloud based online ticketing software provides a smooth purchase process during high demand. Ages ago, events and venues had to rely on their own computer hardware to sell tickets online. During peak demand those in-house computers would slow down drastically and sometimes sales were lost.

But in 2013, modern ticketing software is hosted remotely - in the cloud.

ThunderTix is able to meet the demand for Alchemy tickets because our technology is "in the cloud." ThunderTix computer code does not reside on computers that we have with us in the office – the code is remotely hosted on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) by a company called Heroku.

The Heroku data center is connected to the Internet at the same level as Netflix and Gmail. Making ThunderTix your choice in online ticketing software means your account has the same capability to handle high demand as when 200 million people are connected to Gmail. However, the smart people at Heroku have designed their service to expand and contract based on demand and they charge for their service as such.

ThunderTix Festival Ticketing Software

The same amazing results enjoyed by Alchemy Burns can be yours too. Cloud computing helps us serve your needs in a highly reliable and cost effective way, which helps you do the same for your ticket buyers.

In addition to high reliability, the ThunderTix plan for festivals offers you sophisticated barcode ticket printing and scanning, helping prevent gate fraud and saving you money. The peace of mind starts with barcodes on thermal paper tickets you print in your box office (or the PDF tickets automatically emailed to your buyers). ThunderTix is an industry leader in thermal ticket printing and we support the popular models you may already be using. We also offer the cost savings of Print-at-Home tickets that attendees print themselves using their printer ink and paper, not yours. We want to help you easily sell tickets to your event online.

Interested in speaking with someone about upgrading to ThunderTix music festival software? Please contact us at your convenience.