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best ticketing service for fall festivals

Finding the Best Ticketing Service for Fall Festivals

October is the busiest time of the year for the folks at ThunderTix as the fall festival and ghost tour season begins. In anticipation of your big month, the search for the best ticketing service for fall festivals should happen well before your event planning reaches its final stages. You definitely have an idea of…
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The Rise of Agritourism - Farms as Entertainment Venues

NBC Nightly News recently aired a story on how traditional working farms are making money as entertainment venues to supplement their income. Here’s a look at the rise of “Agritourism” and resources for farm owners new to selling tickets. The Rise of Agritourism Farm owners are turning to so-called Agritourism to supplement their incomes during these challenging…
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Festival Event Software

How Festival Ticketing Software Can Fund Grant Programs

Festival ticketing software can help fund grant programs established to attract new participants – and the new participants increase event attendance. Here are some examples of how this self-perpetuating dynamic can applied to your festival. Festival Grant Programs 101 While a deep dive into the vast subject of grants is beyond the scope of this post,…
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Fall Festival Ticketing Software

Fall Festival Ticketing Software To Organize Event Volunteers

Fall festival ticketing software is the best tool for organizing event volunteers. If you are the event manager of an upcoming festival here are some great examples you can learn from. As a big event date draws near, the event manager’s responsibility to organize the event volunteers reaches it highest level of complexity. This leadership…
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ticketing strategy

FAQ: What Is The Best Multi-Venue Event Ticketing Strategy?

Formulating a ticketing strategy for multi-venue events can be a bit tricky, especially when regular, non-badge holder entry is also being allowed. Here are some examples that you can use for your multi-venue event including a solution to the “cold start” problem.

Event Awareness for Festivals

Event Awareness For Festivals - Wikifestivals

It is true that the future of event awareness for festivals is social media. One of the lesser known formats is the wiki. And specifically for festival operators there is wikifestivals. Here’s a quick look at a new spin on the established wiki information format as it relates to the event awareness for festivals – including yours.…
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high ticket sales velocity

Incredible Ticket Sales Velocity of Alchemy Burn

The incredible ticket sales velocity of the Alchemy Burn outdoor festival has resulted in the final tier being sold out in just 30 minutes! ThunderTix proudly provided Alchemy Burns with the high reliability and robust scaling they needed to achieve such phenomenal sales results. Alchemy Burn 2013 For those not familiar with “burn” events, they are offshoots of…
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sell tickets to fall events

How-To Sell Tickets To Fun Fall Events

It’s easy to sell tickets to fun fall events like a pumpkin patch, corn maze, or hay rides. Doing so can help raise money for your favorite charity. Or you can make a tidy profit for yourself and your family. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling even if you have never managed a ticketed…
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Two politicians behind podiums on a stage

The Politics of Festivals

Music festivals are thought of as ‘The Business of Fun’ but they can also be thought of as ‘The Politics of Dancing’ since the event scope and scale is so large, myriad municipalities need to be involved. This post looks at the politics surrounding events and provides tips on how the festival ticketing software can…
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music festival ticketing

Is There Really A Music Festival Bubble?

In the financial world, a “bubble” refers to a market or industry that is at its peak and about to decline. The Pacific Standard speculates that there is a bubble in the music festival industry. If that’s true, can you see it ahead of time inside your festival ticketing software? The Music Festival Bubble A “bubble”…
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