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high ticket sales velocity

Incredible Ticket Sales Velocity of Alchemy Burn

The incredible ticket sales velocity of the Alchemy Burn outdoor festival has resulted in the final tier being sold out in just 30 minutes! ThunderTix proudly provided Alchemy Burns with the high reliability and robust scaling they needed to achieve such phenomenal sales results. Alchemy Burn 2013 For those not familiar with “burn” events, they are offshoots of…
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The Politics of Festivals

Music festivals are thought of as ‘The Business of Fun’ but they can also be thought of as ‘The Politics of Dancing’ since the event scope and scale is so large, myriad municipalities need to be involved. This post looks at the politics surrounding events and provides tips on how the festival ticketing software can…
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Sell More Festival Tickets

How-to Sell More Festival Tickets: Be Eco Friendly

The hot new trend for festivals is making every aspect of the event as eco friendly as possible – right down to the ticketing software. Here’s how you can sell more festival tickets by being eco-friendly and lower your event production costs at the same time!

A Crowd Safety Lesson From Lollapalooza

Last week, line-up for Lollapalooza 2013 was made known. And along with music festival’s line-up comes a candid admission about crowd safety stemming from Lollapalooza 2012. The weather related safety lesson from last year’s event is applicable to any outdoor event no matter the crowd size. A Crowd Safety Lesson Music critic Greg Kot has…
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arts festival ticketing software

Most sustainable arts festival business model?

A new report indicates that the size of an arts festival is closely related to long-term sustainability as a business. Yet an arts festival in Louisiana is bigger than ever and thriving. Is now the time to adjust the scope and scale of your arts festival? Arts festival data The latest entry in the The Guardian’s ‘Culture Professionals’ series, begins with the provocative question…
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presale tickets

2013 Will Be The Year Of Presale Tickets

2013 will be the year of presale tickets, more so than ever before. Presales provide an influx of capital well before an event occurs which can be a powerful tool for venue owners and event organizers. If you think your event is too small for a presale, read on to learn the benefits of presale tickets.

high ticket sales velocity

How Alchemical Arts Alliance Manages High Demand for “Burns”

Alchemical Arts Alliance recently sold out their event in less than 24 hours using ThunderTix. We helped them respond to unprecedented demand and will do so again later this year. Known the world over, Burning Man is an outdoor festival celebrating individual self expression, technology, art and music, held each year in the remote desert of Northern…
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