Fast Event Sales Reports

Uncle Sam - Happy Fourth of July!

New product information, improvements and system updates. ThunderTix strives to continuously improve the system with updates and new features every month. We've made several improvements to the event reports available to you.

New Error Messages from's default messaging for mismatched addresses or CVV codes lacked intuitiveness. Customers saw credit card error messages like "No Match" which did not indicate the real error -- a mismatch in the CVV code entered. We updated those messages to help guide buyers and also reduce frustration.

Ticket Type Descriptions

If you want explanatory text to help buyers in their ticket selection decisions, you may now add ticket type descriptions to your new or existing events. When buyers hover over the ticket name, they can learn more about the ticket offering. This can be helpful on ticket types that require membership, for VIP passes that grant privileges with the the ticket upgrade, or for a reminder to bring ID for senior citizen purchases.

New User Permission

You can now control user permissions. If you would like to restrict users from selling private events, you can modify their permissions with 'Can Sell Private Events'. Important Note: All existing users without additional privileges will be blocked from private sales, so be sure to check permissions to enable access.

Single Event Summary Additions

  1. Facebook Sales Count - a total of all tickets sold via Facebook.
  2. Barcodes Scanned - count of all barcodes scanned. Totals are displayed one hour after the doors open.
  3. Detailed Ticket Breakdown - Previously, venues that changed the name of their tickets or deleted a ticket type did not see a full break down of tickets sold under that ticket name. Now, all totals show even when the ticket type has been deleted or modified.
  4. Faster Exporting
  5. Sales tax no longer includes negative values in performance summary for more accurate totals.

Will Call Reports Changes

New print layouts offer larger text and reduced margins for greater readability. Make sure to change your print layout to "Landscape" and disable the "Shrink to Fit" function to see new print styles.

Added the shipping name to the export

Especially for large events, you'll notice big improvements in processing time to display your Will Call reports.

Maximum Tickets per Transaction Override

You can limit the maximum tickets sold per order to the public yet sell any number of tickets as a logged in user.

Orders Search Export Button

The export button is back! Thanks for your patience while we improved the performance of the report. You will notice a significant reduction in simple searches by name on both the Orders and Customers tabs.

Daily Sales Report

Added order overrides to the daily sales report. Additionally, be sure to check out our other report options available to you.

If you have any questions, take a look at our support forum, tutorial videos, or how-to guides.