Box Office Ticket Processing

Box Office Ticket Processing

Product information, improvements and system updates. ThunderTix as a box office ticketing software strives to continuously improve the system with updates and new features every month.

Order Processing is Faster

Summer Box Office Ticketing Software Updates We made significant improvements in the order completion time by dramatically improving the PDF ticket creation time to a fraction of the previous time. This is especially important for box office sales when speed is a must.

Waive Fees at Checkout

Logged in users may elect to waive each of your added fees when processing an order. All reports and order details reflect when fees are waived. Just check the "Remove Fees" box next to each fee item and the order total will update automatically.

Ticket Counts

You can now count all tickets sold by date range, ticket seller, payment method, customer, event or a combination. Now, in addition to the totals by individual event, we've added a total ticket count field. From the Orders' Search tab, select your criteria, and check "Include Ticket Totals". Click Search. For more information on orders, take a look at our event ticket orders tutorial video.

Box Office Ticketing Software- new convenience methods

  1. New "Quick Checkout" button obviates the need for scrolling down the page when you do not wish to save additional customer information.
  2. To minimize the loading time of Orders, the results are now limited to the last 7 days of new orders.
  3. To minimize the load time for the Customers tab, the results are now limited to the last 14 days of new or updated customer information.
  4. No longer need to click "Search" to search the customer database. The search field displays by default.

Order ID now in Email

We are now passing the order number to for all purchases made to that gateway. Login to, view your Settled or Unsettled transactions, and you'll see the ThunderTix Order Number listed as the "Invoice Number". You will also see the ID in each email receipt from

New Columns in Daily Sales Report

We added several new fields to the Daily Sales Report:

  1. Shipping Address
  2. Order Override Reason
  3. IP Address of Buyer/Purchase Location

Export Filtered Customer List

To export your Customers, enter a single search term in the search field and the results will be returned on screen. Click the Export link to download the file in .XLS format.

New Notification System

We can now alert our users via a notification system geared towards individual users. For this month, any Venues that do not have their Purchase & Refund Policies included on the checkout page, we'll be providing a link to complete the areas. The Policies can help protect you in the event of a customer chargeback.