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best ticketing software

Creating the Best Ticketing Software

Help us create the best ticketing software! As venue owners, managers and staff, you know what is best for your businesses, and it is that knowledge that we rely on to build software that meets your needs. Today, we are launching our Feature Request panel and we encourage you to post your ideas and suggestions…
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Event Email Alerts

New Event Email Alerts Want to know when an event sells out? Are you interested in being alerted when your event’s ticket inventory dips below the threshold you set when you created the event? Set which email addresses you want to receive these real-time alerts from your Account Settings tab under “Notifications”. If you have…
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haunted house ticketing software

Haunted House Ticketing Software & Talent Auditions

If you’re conducting talent auditions for an upcoming haunted house, now is the time to review your choice in haunted house ticketing software! Here’s why…

A Crowd Safety Lesson From Lollapalooza

Last week, line-up for Lollapalooza 2013 was made known. And along with music festival’s line-up comes a candid admission about crowd safety stemming from Lollapalooza 2012. The weather related safety lesson from last year’s event is applicable to any outdoor event no matter the crowd size. A Crowd Safety Lesson Music critic Greg Kot has…
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ticketing software for unusual venues

Ticketing software for unusual venues - Follow the fashionistas!

If you are thinking about booking a so-called “unusual venue”, to lower costs or increase event awareness, there is a lot you can learn from the fashion industry. Famous for transforming warehouses, banks and even airplane hangars into palaces of posh, the fashion industry makes masterful use of unusual venues frequently. Once you have followed the…
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romantic walking tour tickets

Romantic walking tour tickets at peak demand

Tour operators are familiar with the traditional holiday rush but did you know that Valentine’s day can be just as busy? Savvy guides are tailoring tours in very creative (and lucrative) ways for couples that have been struck by Cupid’s arrow. If you are thinking about adding a love theme to your tour and tap into the demand…
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alpha psi rodeo tickets

Selling Alpha Psi Rodeo Tickets In (Little More Than) '8 Seconds'

The classic rodeo film ‘8 seconds’ gets its name from the length of time a cowboy has to stay on the animal for the ride to qualify. It takes more than eight seconds to sell all of the Alpha Psi Rodeo tickets, but not by much since it is one of the most popular events on…
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festival ticketing software

Festival Ticket Sales Strategies - The Business of Fun

“The business of festivals, and event planning in general, can be a very rushed and stressful endeavor.” That stoic quote may echo the feelings of many festival planners no matter the size of the event. There are different ways to operate festivals in order to increase attendance – one being to operate under an umbrella,…
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Designated driver festival tickets

Sell beer festival wristbands for designated drivers

With the winter brewfest season in full swing, it is encouraging to see venues sell beer festival wristbands for designated drivers at a reduced price. Offering low cost admission to designated drivers is not only admirable, it sends an important message to the patrons and local authorities. If your beer festival needs to sell designated driver wristbands here is…
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venue wifi

Venue wifi for patrons - The conversation continues

On Tuesday Google announced it will be providing free wifi to the residents of the Chelsea neighborhood in New York city. The announcement is just the latest example of how the public has come to expect wifi being available everywhere they go. That expectation will continue at venues and events. You may be surprised to learn the conversation of…
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