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campus concerts

Campus Concerts Do's and Don'ts

Music concerts at schools come with special circumstances that are not usually found at commercial “for-profit” venues. Schools, from the local elementary to the largest college campus in the country, face the same challenge – financial transparency, return on investment and creating a memorable experience for the students. This post lists some of the “do’s and don’ts” for campus…
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Ticket Fee Free Friday

Ticket Fees 2013 - Let the madness begin!

That’s right, after a brief hiatus, Fee Free Friday is back as your TMZ of ticket fees and ticket industry news! ThunderTix still offers you the ability to sell tickets with no fees. The new year brings all new ticket fee horror stories including a scathing expose in Louisville, Kentucky. We also see One Direction going in the wrong…
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performing arts theater

Performing Arts Ticket Sales 2013: Doom & Gloom or Golden Era?

Industry expert Roger Tomlinson has written a rather gloomy 2013 forecast for performing arts ticket sales – Is it really going to be that bad? We seem to have managed to not go over the fiscal cliff and a staccato of funding announcements indicate all is not doom and gloom for The Arts. This installment of Green Means Go…
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Sandy Relief Concert tickets

Ticket Fees - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

“This is why we can’t have nice things!” – that’s what every parent says when something nice gets ruined. This week’s Fee Free Friday leads off with news that people are reselling tickets to the Sandy Relief Concert for up to $60,000 each, ruining the altruistic intent. Ghastly profiteering on a charity event is just…
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historical walking tour

Historical Walking Tours: History & Hollywood Intertwined

Just a week before the Steven Spielberg film ‘Lincoln’ opens nationwide, the city of Richmond Virginia and the Richmond National Battlefield Park hosted a historical walking tour that retraced Abraham Lincoln’s footsteps made in April 1865. We look at how a guided tour can intertwine prominent past events with popular culture to provide a history lesson and…
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ThunderTix - Cloud Based Ticketing Software

ThunderTix is on the Cloud

A Cloud Based Ticketing System We’ve had a tremendous year and in order to prepare for continued expansion and new features, we made the switch to a cloud infrastructure. What does this mean to you? Faster navigation, quicker reports downloads as well as no slowdowns due to heavy server traffic. A cloud based event ticketing…
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Tell your event’s story with the new Facebook Page Timeline format

The benefits of a Facebook Page for your event or venue are numerous, now there are even more with the new Facebook Page Timeline format. In a previous post, we explained the value of your venue or event having its own Facebook page. “Venues without Facebook Pages lose out…There are no greater businesses to reap…
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Box Office Ticket Processing

Product information, improvements and system updates. ThunderTix as a box office ticketing software strives to continuously improve the system with updates and new features every month. Order Processing is Faster We made significant improvements in the order completion time by dramatically improving the PDF ticket creation time to a fraction of the previous time. This…
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Understanding the 5 Types of Event Ticketing Platforms

Nothing indicates the success of a gig, play, tour or event than the sale of tickets to those events. When choosing from event ticketing platforms, it’s important to examine the method of the event ticketing platform. Your choice will impact when and how your revenue is collected, how tickets are delivered, and ultimately, the price…
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New ThunderTix Community Forum

It recently came to our attention that a couple of the ThunderTix venues were sharing new ideas on how they used the software. The realization that many of you could learn from each other prompted us to add an new community forum to the site. We have started the forum with many questions that our users have…
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