ThunderTix is on the Cloud

ThunderTix - Cloud Based Ticketing Software

A Cloud Based Ticketing System

We've had a tremendous year and in order to prepare for continued expansion and new features, we made the switch to a cloud infrastructure. What does this mean to you? Faster navigation, quicker reports downloads as well as no slowdowns due to heavy server traffic.

A cloud based event ticketing platform allows us to automatically scale up servers as needed when larger spikes in traffic occur. Therefore, the inbound traffic to all of the event websites is evenly divided over multiple instances of the server.

At the same time as our new cloud infrastructure, we've taken the opportunity to overhaul our design for a more streamlined administrative event interface with lots of new changes and additions. Please take a moment to read through the items below and familiarize yourself with the new interface.

  1. Cleaner Events and Performances Listings
    You'll notice that in addition to a wider format that resizes automatically for your computer screen, we've cleaned up the design considerably. You can also see the icons for reports to the right. When you Hover over any event link, you can see the edit and delete links. Pricing and Fees are grouped vertically for quicker review. Furthermore, the page is shorter for less scrolling.
  2. Embedded Link Code
    Many of you have asked how you can provide links directly to the event and performance links. Look for the new "Get code" buttons that allow you to copy and embed links directly into your own or affiliate websites. This also allows you to hold events at multiple locations yet group them with links from your own webpage.
  3. Barcode Report
    We created a new barcode report to Excel -- one barcode per line -- for use before, during or after an event. The new barcode report includes the Order ID, customer first and last name, barcode ID, ticket type name, price, whether or not it has been scanned, who it was scanned by, and the date/time it was scanned. Venues using WIFI systems with no Internet access--especially outdoor festivals--can now download the barcodes in advance of the event. Look for this new report as the barcode icon on an event management page next to the Ticket Type Report icon, a small ticket. Additionally, be sure to check out our other report options available to you.
  4. Electronic PDF Tickets
    For those of you who have periodically forgotten to enable the print-at-home PDF ticket on new events, you know how disappointing it can be after order confirmations have already been emailed! For that reason, we now warn you when the PDF is disabled in these places:

    1. The Events listing page.
    2. The Details and Pricing and Fees sections in each Event's Performance listings.
    3. The Guest List.
    4. On the edit link of each Shipping Fee.

    Furthermore, if you enabled the PDF, you can preview it right from the main events listing. Lastly, if you did create your event without the PDF and you sold orders, you can now generate the PDF after-the-fact.

  5. Guest List Change
    Download speeds for the exportable Guest List are vastly improved especially for very large events due to the removal of barcodes from the Listing. Additionally, the new Barcode Export provides each ticket's barcode on individual lines to make barcode reporting even easier.
  6. Searching Orders in IE9
    We have a patch for searching orders in Internet Explorer version 9. If you use Internet Explorer, you'll now see a link to instructions in our Support Forum on how you can update your browser to allow you to search orders without changing your browser.
  7. Ticket Type Descriptions
    When you enter a description on your ticket type, you can now preview how it will look to your customers on the event overview page.
  8. Report Changes
    The individual event summary has now been brought into the event listing so you can get at-a-glance totals without having to go into the Reports page and search by event date.
  9. Quick Event Totals
    The "i" shown next to each event shows event information at a glance. When you hover over it, the total number of orders, tickets, and sales dollars across all dates will appear.
  10. Nearing Expiration
    When an event is within 7 days of inactivating the event status will now appear as "Nearing Expiration"
  11. Agent now included in Orders Export
  12. Order Time Expired
    When customers run out of time when purchasing an order, they now receive a clear message indicating that time has expired.
  13. Prevent Errors Occurring After Some Orders
    Periodically, customers have received an error after successfully purchasing tickets if they had cookies disabled or they were purchasing from certain mobile phones. Now, the message will instruct the customers to check their email to see if they have received their tickets rather than attempting a second order.
  14. Refund Screen Improvements
    We've added further instructions to the refund screen. These instructions remind venue administrators to return the actual seats back to inventory when processing a refund.
  15. Prices by Section - Reserved Seating
    Events that use a seating chart can set pricing by section across an entire production and on an individual event date. We've updated the interface to make pricing instructions more intuitive.
  16. Pending Orders
    We now show orders where a purchase is pending (seats on hold) from the seating chart. You can see these pending orders (shown as sold) if you find a reserved seat whose order was created within the last 7 minutes. (The time we allow to complete a purchase.)
  17. Abandoned Orders - Bug Fix
    You should no longer see any abandoned orders from any seat on a seating chart. Therefore, all purchased seats will now link directly to each completed order.
  18. Smaller Barcode on PDF Tickets
    For faster scanning, the height of the barcode has been reduced.
  19. Maximum Ticket Limit - Reserved Seating Transactions
    Customers who select more than the maximum allowed reserved seats are immediately returned back to the same section with indication that they have selected too many tickets.
  20. New fields in Reconciliation Report
    From the Reports page, the reconciliation (previously called: daily sales) report now includes 3 new columns: Subtotal, Refund Reason, and Commissions (no longer available).

If you don't see the new system, you may need to flush out your DNS cache from your local computer. It may take 24-72 hours for the DNS to update everywhere. To manually clear out your DNS cache, follow the steps below:

For Windows:

  1. Click the Start Menu.
  2. In the Search field, type "cmd". Then, a black window will pop up.
  3. Type "ipconfig/ flushdns".
  4. You can close this Command Prompt window now.
  5. Go to the Login screen to see if you see the new application with the cloud update on the main screen.

To clear/flush the DNS cache in Mac OS:

  1. For Tiger Mac: In your terminal, type "$ lookupd -flushcache".
  2. For Leopard Mac: In your terminal, type "$ dscacheutil -flushcache".

If you have any questions, take a look at our support forum, tutorial videos, or how-to guides.