Historical Walking Tours: History & Hollywood Intertwined

historical walking tour

Just a week before the Steven Spielberg film 'Lincoln' opens nationwide, the city of Richmond Virginia and the Richmond National Battlefield Park hosted a historical walking tour that retraced Abraham Lincoln's footsteps made in April 1865. We look at how a guided tour can intertwine prominent past events with popular culture to provide a history lesson and entertainment to increase ticket sales.

Darkest Hour

The darkest hour of American history was the Civil War. The nation was notoriously divided and most likely would not have survived if it was not for the leadership of the 16th president of the United States - Abraham Lincoln. When terrible war finally came to an end, Lincoln traveled across the Potomac river to the capitol of the defeated Confederacy.

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln arrived in the Confederate capital as it still smoldered. Fires set by Confederates as they abandoned the city the previous morning had raged out of control and consumed much of the waterfront area. The president emerged with a small escort from a U.S. Navy rowboat near 17th Street and proceeded through the city, attracting crowds of newly freed slaves in their first full day of emancipation. They followed him as he made his way to the Confederate White House and eventually to the Virginia Capitol. Lincoln’s walk through the city was a momentous symbol for observers across the country and around the world in what would be the final weeks of the American Civil War.

The city of Richmond takes great pride in maintaining its historic record and Civil War tourism is one of its major sources of revenue. The city's latest marquee event is a historical walking tour retracing Lincoln's footsteps during the moment described above. The tour was produced in partnership with the Richmond National Battlefield Park. The two organizations decision to have the tour just before the release of a major Hollywood film, one that is in the same historical context, should be inspiration for all guided tours looking to increase ticket sales.

History & Hollywood Intertwined

Coordinating the Lincoln walking tour to occur just ahead of the major motion picture portrayal of Lincoln is an excellent way to raise event awareness. The historical walking tour began on November 4th. The film, 'Lincoln', starring actor Daniel Day-Lewis and directed by Steven Spielberg, opens nationwide on November 16.

The CBS affiliate in Virginia noted that the walking tour "Uncovered many unknown details about the president's time in the city" after extensive research performed by the tour guide Park Ranger Mark Gorman. A guide's role in the overall patron experience cannot be understated. Walking tours, even haunted ones, are made much more memorable by their guides.

Of course many guided tours tap into notable events of the past, but few make such a sophisticated effort to intertwine history and Hollywood as the city of Richmond has done. With a little research, Richmond's approach can be applied to just about any guided tour and it need not be reliant on a popular movie either.

For example, if the walking tour takes patrons past the former residence of a great painter, the tour operator can coordinate with local galleries when there is a show in the same context. Historical walking tours of notable author's works can start at the local library and end at a bookstore - Edgar Allen Poe and the City of Baltimore immediately comes to mind.

Best of all, historical walking tours can ride on the coat tails of the big budget marketing made by the film studio or book publisher. Would be tour patrons, aware of an upcoming film or other high profile media, will be in the mood for something within the same genre.

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