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Halloween is almost here and the demand for tickets to Halloween & Fall events like ghost tours, haunted houses, and corn mazes are at their peak. Find out why we love a good scare so much and how that has become big business.image of haunted house inviting guests inside to see what lies waiting

Ghost Tours & Haunted Houses

It seems harmless enough. A pleasant Autumn stroll through a quaint neighborhood. You tour guide right there with you conveying meaning and context to the sights you see. But the next thing you know, things take a turn to the dark side with tales of horror and dread!

Wildly popular in October, haunted houses and ghost tours are at their peak of demand across the country. Just about everyone loves a good Halloween scare. That demand for scary fun is being met with an ever increasing number of professionally-guided haunted tours across the country.

Big budget productions like Timothy Haskell's Nightmare Haunted House do a great job of capturing the fright using Hollywood film-grade horror effects and make-up. The chain of "nightmare" haunted houses in various cities nationwide is so popular it sells out all tickets weeks in advance. The popularity proves just how much we like a good scare.

But why do we like to be scared?

Annemarie Mannion, of the Chicago Tribune, got an answer to that question from Dr. Ed Slavishak, associate professor of history at Susquehanna University. Slavishak classifies haunted houses and ghost tours as "dark tourism". Mannion quotes the professor's opinion about our penchant for scary fun:

It's a safe form of danger. Visitors experience a mild sense of danger and spookiness.

So we love a good scare when we know it is in a controlled environment like a haunted house. But sometimes, those professional grade "nightmare" haunted houses can be too much for younger children.  As an alternative to the haunted house, many families, as well as those who appreciate history, turn to a more subtle and sophisticated scare - ghost tours.


Unlike "nightmare" haunted houses, ghost tours are available all year long, but of course demand for tickets really spikes around Halloween. The increase in attendance makes for the need to sell tickets online and guided tour managers find themselves adding two and three extra tours per day.

The Orlando Sentinel estimated that "dark tourism" is worth an estimated $300 million a year to the ghost tours and the cities they operate in.

Those big profits have caught the attention of municipalities in need of new revenue. Some suburbs getting into 'dark tourism' business for themselves as a community fundraiser. Others contract out the task letting established ghost tour professionals do the heavy lifting. The city need only to have a salacious tale or a gritty murder story to tell in order to make an innocuous city walk "haunted".

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Ghost tours don't just bring in money for the cities they operate in, they have spurred an entire cottage industry of their own. Business and vendors that cater to ghost tours and haunted city walks include rental companies, restaurants along the tour routes, and specialty theatrical shops. Actors also play their part (pun intended) in the dark tourism economy. The entertainment value of a haunted walking tour is very much dependent on the performance of the guide so it is inherently a good employment opportunity for actors and comedians.

Ghosts with The Most

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