Spotlight – Full Figured Fashion Week

Full Figured Fashion Week 2012

A convergence of designers, retailers, bloggers and activists celebrate plus-size women in Manhattan during Full Figured Fashion Week.

Positive and empowering, the 4th annual Full Figured Fashion Week is next month, June 13-16, 2012, in New York City. ThunderTix is proud to be the ticketing software of choice for fffWeek and we love the way they use social media to promote their event and cultivate a shared experience.

From model to mogul

The event is more than just high fashion and glamor, the daily schedule includes workshops and talks that motivate and educate retailers to take notice of the market segment fffWeek represents so well. Gwen DeVoe, CEO of the event's production company DSE, describes the event:

It is time for designers, retailers, boutique owners and businesses with an interest in the plus size market to combine their resources and talents and partner with a plus fashion event that will rival other Fashion Weeks

Short, Curvey, Fierce recently spoke to Ms. DeVoe and we encourage you to read the 'From Model to Mogul' interview.

Full Figured Fashion Week designers, retailers, bloggers and activists celebrate plus-size women

Command of the medium

The fffweek website has all the requisite links to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in addition to a treasure trove of information on the event sponsors, but we would like to direct your attention to the social media best practices seen in their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Note many of the thousands of people following fffWeek in Twitter and Facebook, are asking questions and receiving answers via “@’s”. This is an often neglected aspect of all too many event management efforts. An unscientific examination shows that for every nine self-promotion tweets and status updates fffWeek is answering one ( or more! ) questions. That is sincere engagement. Such a ratio shows fffWeek is just as concerned with answering people’s questions and fostering a shared experience as they are with self-promotion.

Of course self-promotion is important, it will always be an aspect of event awareness but the times they are a changin’.

The days of doing nothing but one-way soap box marketing are coming to an end. Event awareness is becoming more and more reliant on genuine interaction between the venue, the event promoter and the attendees in a direct honest way. fffWeek’s use of Twitter and Facebook is exactly that.

fffWeek’s command of the (social) medium also includes excellent use of a hashtag, "#SonsiFFFWeek". The extremely well formulated hashtag is not only unique ( Something we always want to see ), it also promotes event's premier sponsor Sonis. A hashtag that's business friendly and people friendly at the same time? Brava!

Finally, a cautionary item for those who may be attending fffWeek - Apparently tickets to the event are so sought after there is a secondary resale market ( aka "scalping" ). The fffWeek Facebook account recently cautioned all:

Please note that FFFWeek does not promote on Craigslist. We do not sell tickets there, we do not look for models or staff there, nor do we promote there. Please do not send any money to anyone on Craigslist who claims to be selling tix or collecting fees for a FFFWeek.

We feel the exact same way and that good advice applies to all events, regardless of who the ticket software provider is.

Be like savvy Full Figured Fashion Week

We hope this spotlight on Full Figured Fashion Week helps you with your event awareness as a great example of the how it’s done.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting many more “spotlights” on events, venues, our beloved ThunderTix users and some “secret” lesser known technical aspects of a successful event ( Speaking of secrets... Pssst you can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog here ).

If you have an example, or want to be in the spotlight yourself, just let us know in the comments below!