Percent Off Coupons

Percent Off Coupons

April 20-May 16 System Updates

Now available: Percent Off coupons like 50% off

New Percent Off Coupons

We are excited to roll out often requested percentage based coupons! Now coupons can offer a flat percentage off the order subtotal. This will prevent large face value coupons from being redeemed on your lowest ticket offering. We'd love to hear your feedback, so do share your thoughts.

Search Orders via Sales Method

You've asked us to provide a way to find orders sold through your website or via Facebook, and now you have it! Go to your Orders listing, click search in the upper right corner, and then in the "Sold Via" box, select Website, Facebook, or any of your sales agents. Keep your ideas coming so we can continue to improve the system!

Search Orders via Website, Facebook or Sales Agent

Note: for our Internet Explorer 9 users, please be sure to update so you can access this page without error.

Voids Now Included in Daily Sales

Earlier this week, we removed Voided orders from the Daily Sales report, so your sales data was correct. We received a request--and a better idea--to include Voided orders in the Daily Sales Report, but to change the sales dollars and ticket totals to zero to ensure complete reports. We include the voiding agent and the original ticket quantity sold for your records.

Report Fix: When using the Orders tab, we previously included voids in the total dollar amounts. Those have been removed.

Secure Image Path

For those venues using their own SSL, our display of event images may have caused a browser warning about non-secured items on the page. We now return all images over 'https', so your buyers have complete confidence in the purchase process. Be assured that buyer security has never been compromised at any time when entering credit card data.

HTML Email Confirmation Improved

It was brought to our attention that the formatting of confirmation email receipts delivered in HTML to Gmail addresses were not properly styled. That has been addressed and fixed. We expect that the style and formatting of ALL email clients will improve with this update.

Page Load Time Reduced for Seating Charts

If you use a Seating Chart, you will be thrilled with the huge reduction we made in page speed. Your pages should load within a few seconds for even the largest seating charts.

Access Seating Chart for Sold Out Events

Previously for sold out events, venue admins could not access the seating chart. We now allow access to help you with refunding certain seats directly from the seating chart or to the patron name for each purchased seat.

Email Confirmation Changes

We removed the "shipping" field when your venue uses no shipping to reduce clutter. We've also removed the "amount" field when you offer free tickets.

Timeout Errors on May 16, 2012

Bugfix: This afternoon between 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. we had several timeout errors. This was caused by a routine action but the time it took to complete on a very large performance caused intermittent interruptions. First, we apologize for any inconvenience this caused, and second, we researched and implemented a change that will prevent this from occurring in the future.

Sales Tax "Remainder" for Overridden Orders

Bugfix: If the stars aligned just so, some overridden orders that should have resulted in no charge actually carried a balance of one penny due to rounding errors. This too, has been fixed.

Negative Balance for Overridden Orders

Bugfix: Fixing the rounding errors also addressed another issue: negative ticket totals on some order when they should have been zero. (Dollar amounts for reports have never been in jeopardy)