Author: Dawn Green

laptop with hands over keyboard holding a credit card to indicate secure event ticketing online

Secure Event Ticketing - PSD2: SCA Requirement by EU

How does ThunderTix provide secure event ticketing? For secure event ticketing, we recommend our users switch their payment gateway to Stripe or Square instead of others like  Let’s discuss the reason for our recommendation. PSD2: SCA Requirement Imposed by the EU The European Union (EU) has continued to set rigorous standards to ensure the…
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Aquidneck Sailing Sightseeing Tour

Newport Harbor: A Sightseeing Tour Adventure

In the fabulous playground for the wealthy, Newport, Rhode Island, one of our long-time sightseeing tour operators, Sightsailing, takes tourists out on one of three sailing vessels to explore the scenic coastline. I recently had the opportunity to join owner, John Hirschler, and his assistant, Courtney, for a sail on a perfect sailing day. Sightsailing’s…
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create a coupon

Coupons for Specific Event Dates Available!

Create a Coupon for Specific Event Dates “Create the ability to create coupon codes that are good for a specific performance date/time, or a customized range of dates or multiple performances that have been identified from a pick list.” -Wendy R. You can now create an event coupon that is valid only for certain dates…
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Coupon by Ticket Type

One-Click "Comp Order" Function Now Available!

One-Click “Comp Order” Function Use our one-click “Comp Order” button to fully waive all ticket and product prices along with any added fees to provide complimentary service to your customers at checkout. One note: should a donation be added to any “comped” order, we do not waive those gift amounts.     Coupon Usage by…
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constant contact

Constant Contact Integration!

Sync Your Constant Contact Mailing Lists with ThunderTix! We have a large Constant Contact mailing list which we use weekly. While it’s not hard to get new emails from doing an Order Search and then inputting them into Constant Contact, it would be beautiful if it was integrated within Thundertix, like Mail Chimp. -Dan H.…
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Split Tickets for Price Override

Improved Price Overrides

Improved Price Overrides While offering simplicity and speed, the method of overriding order prices had one inherent flaw: there was no record of the exact price for each ticket for the order. Now, each ticket price may be modified on the checkout page. This improves reporting, provides greater accuracy, and just as importantly, allowed us…
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Custom Email Template

Automated Post-Event Emails and Surveys Now Available

Solicit the feedback of your customers to see what they thought of your event ThunderTix will automatically send an email to all customers that attended your event the day afterwards. Customize your post-event emails to include your own wording, your own survey and links to request reviews in Yelp or TripAdvisor. The automated email will…
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event product enhancements

Product Enhancements

Available Product Enhancements Upload a product image for display to the ticket buyer. You can now make some products “private”, or only available to you when you are logged in as an administrator. The products hover display now has a new look! Check it out when you hover over any product name during the checkout…
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credit card fraud

New Credit Card Fraud Rules

New Credit Card Fraud Rules and How it Affects You In October, new rules will shift the financial liability for fraudulent credit card transactions from the banks to the merchants unless merchants use the new EMV chip card readers for “card present” transactions. We wanted to shed some light on how this affects our clients.…
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New Security Option: reCAPTCHA

Prevent Fraud with New Security Option: reCAPTCHA Recently, we sent out this newsletter, explaining patterns in credit card fraud. One of the ways to mitigate against fraud involves the use of a “captcha” which requires purchasers to prove they are human — not robots. ThunderTix has now made it possible to require a captcha during…
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