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[0:44] - Redeeming a Flex Pass
[1:17] - Flex Pass Preparation
[1:32] - Create a Flex Pass "Event" (Season Pass)
[2:32] - Advanced Date Display Options
[2:52] - Advanced Email Options
[3:25] - Advanced Marketing Options
[3:49] - Create a Flex Pass
[4:18] - Punch Card Flex Pass
[5:10] - Flex Pass Coupon Details

Flex Pass Coupon Subscription Video Transcription:

Hello and welcome! Today, I am going to show you how to create flex passes. Let's start by defining how a flex pass works. Flex passes are a type of coupon that provide your customers with vouchers for pre-paid tickets in the future. The vouchers are generated automatically and sent to your customers after they purchase a specific event you've chosen. Flex passes are commonly used for season subscriptions so customers may purchase full seasons of events up-front, but choose their dates later, by purchasing tickets for the season pass event you create. Flex passes can be used for either reserved seating or general admission events or a combination of both.

As an aside, if you need help with individual coupons, group discounts, or importing a spreadsheet of coupons, please watch our separate video tutorial on creating coupons.

When customers purchase tickets to your chosen event, the season pass, they will receive an email with a flex pass coupon, or voucher code for each season pass they purchased that will be redeemable for all the events you are offering with your season subscription. These emails will look like this. The voucher codes will be listed here. Customers must then go and select their desired event performances and seats and go through the purchase process for each event listed in the season pass. Customers will input the voucher codes during checkout here. Customers will essentially get the tickets for free since they already paid for the season in full. Make sure that before you create your flex pass that you have all your events created for the entire season first, because you will need to specify for which events the coupons will be valid. If you need help creating events, be sure to check out our creating events videos and our How-To Guide.

Now, let's dive into flex passes and see how we generate them! First, we must create the event that will reward buyers with the automatically generated voucher codes. Let's use a sample event we'll call, "2019-2020 Flex Pass" which is really a placeholder name. Interestingly, we're not really associating tickets to our Season Pass, but rather selling a series of voucher codes.

Let's touch on some pertinent items you'll want to pay attention to when creating the event. First, notice that our flex pass event is a general admission event. Patrons will select their event seats while redeeming their voucher codes, not during the initial flex pass event purchase. Next, set the event date to the last day you will be offering your season passes for sale.

The ticket price should probably reflect the entire cost of the season's ticket. If you have tiered pricing for Adults, Students, and Children, enter each of those as its own ticket type.

Now, in the description, it's a good idea to explain exactly what your patrons are purchasing. Make sure you specify which of your upcoming events will be included in their purchase.

Then click on advanced date display options. Set your desired activation date for when your season pass will be ready for sale. We're going to hide the March 15th date we set in the previous tab here and also check this to replace the date with a descriptive end date like "Available until March 15th, 2020".

Next, click on advanced email options, and make sure that you disable the PDF ticket since they shouldn't receive a ticket for the season pass itself. They'll be getting coupon codes to get free tickets for each of the individual events included in the season pass subscription.

Make sure the event reminder box is unchecked since the email reminder would be for the date of the flex pass rather than the individual events.

Since the email we send will include all their voucher codes, it's important to relay all pertinent season pass information you have in that email for future reference.

Next, click on advanced marketing options. In this section, you should probably create a new genre, like "flex pass", for the season if you don't already have one for season passes. That way all buyers of this event will automatically be classified as a buyer to the "flex pass" genre to easily retrieve for next year's flex pass renewal marketing. Enter any other flex pass details and click Finish.

Once you have created your season pass event, head to the coupons page and click Create New Coupon. Then, select Flex Pass. Select your season pass event here because this is the event a customer must buy a ticket for in order to receive the flex pass voucher codes.

There are two different types of Flex Passes available, the Standard Flex Pass and the Punch Card Flex Pass. The Standard Flex Pass option allows customers to only use the coupon once per event, or production, and it can be used across all the events you choose. The Punch Card Flex Pass option gives the customer a code which by default is valid for a number of redemptions equal to the number of events you include. So, if you have 5 events in your season, by default, it will be valid for 5 redemptions.

However, you can enter your own limit on how many "punches" the card has. If you enter a punch card quantity, the code will be good for that many punches regardless of how many events are selected.

With the Punch Card, you can give your customers complete freedom and flexibility to choose the shows they prefer and use the tickets in any combination. They could do once per show, 3 times for one show and twice for another, or any combination they see fit.

Select which type of flex pass you prefer. If you chose the Punch Card Flex Pass, enter how many times you want customers to be able to use the code here. But if you want this equal to the number of events you select, leave this blank. Then enter in a helpful name for your coupon, like "2019-2020 Flex Pass". Now, here, click the checkboxes of all the events that you want to include in your season pass. Only choose the events in your season, not the season pass event. Do not include your Season Pass event.

In advanced options, you can select an expiration date and categorize your coupon to easily find later on the coupons page. Now, don't forget to click create coupon and you're done!

Alright! You've successfully learned how to make flex passes! Check out our other video on individual coupons, group discounts, and importing coupons! If you have any more questions, be sure to take a look at our how-to guides. Thank you for watching!

Flex Pass Tutorial Video
Flex Pass Tutorial Video

This is an in-depth tutorial video on how to create flex pass coupons through ThunderTix. If you have any other questions, please check out our How To Guides and our Support Forum.