Groupon, Coupons, and More! Oh my!

Groupon Coupon Integration

With the growth of "daily deal" sites like Living Social and Groupon, we've had a lot of requests for easy integration of your coupons. When a customer buys from one of the daily deal websites like Groupon, they are assigned a unique code for every Groupon they purchased. Groupon will provide the business owner a spreadsheet of all purchases, customers, as well as codes when the Groupon sale is over.

The Groupon integration tool allows you to take the CSV file you receive and create hundreds of "coupons" in ThunderTix. For recurring events or tours, customers can go to the venue website, choose their desired date/time, and redeem their Groupon code by entering it on the final checkout page for the discounted value. The function works for all daily deal websites that provide the customer a unique code from their purchase.

The same bulk coupon import tool also supports membership or other lists for mass coupon creation. Upload a list of season subscribers and corresponding codes for redemption at the assigned events throughout the season. Allow VIPs or fans to receive an event discount by uploading their names and codes into ThunderTix.Using coupons from "daily deal" sites has become simple with our new import code tool.

New Features for Coupons

In addition to aneasy peasy interface that steps you through the process of creating event coupons, we've expanded our features to include:

Coupon Search

Enter a code, coupon name, or customer name, and our new search feature will then pull up a detailed list with links to more information.

Multiple or Single Event Coupons

If you wanted to create Gift Certificates that allow your customers to redeem "coupons" on a single event, now you can. Toggle the flag to allow a single Coupon Code across one or more events, but only use it once. This is the feature a lot of you have been waiting for!

Inactivate Coupons

To temporarily or permanently inactivate coupons, just toggle the inactivate box. You can also reactivate at any time.


View the original quantity of coupons, the number of redemptions, coupon type, applicable events, and more.

Usage Statistics

View all orders for which any coupon was applied. The data is available for all past redemptions.

Improved Error Checking

We've added new checks to validate information and prevent invalid data from being entered. Our improved messaging to venue managers guides you through the steps.

Customized "Comments" Field

For those of you who wished to collect patron names or other information at checkout, now you can with our new customized "Comments" field. Replace the "Comments" field with your own text and optionally make it a required field for all at-home-buyers. Find this new option under My Account under the Checkout Settings tab to access the new field.

Increased Access to Customize Data

Previously, we only allowed Primary Account Admins to modify the HTML email that included a Google map, Facebook and Twitter sharing links, and the advertisement of new Upcoming Events. We've expanded the access to allow more staff control.

If you have any questions, take a look at our support forum, tutorial videos, or how-to guides.