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Software Update - New for November 2013

Not resting on our laurels – and hot on the heels of last month’s big software update – here’s what’s new for November 2013…

ticket trends

Ticket Trends - New Tools For Ticket Sales

New tools from Google Maps and Foursquare are designed to spur impulse buying – including tickets to your event. Here’s a look at how these latest ticket trends work. New Foursquare Ads & Your Venue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8JqUlQj43M Foursquare has been a staple of event awareness for sometime now, but just this week the popular location based…
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ticket contest ideas

Ticket Contest Ideas: Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Ticket contest ideas are a proven way to inexpensively market your event and raise awareness. The hot new trend of incorporating social media is being put to excellent use by events like the US Open, but any type of event can get the same value…

ghost tour reservation software

Scary Summer - Ghost Tour Reservation Software

Even though Halloween is months away, ghost tour operators are getting ready right now and some tours have already begun. But whether you’re planning ahead or kicking off a scary summer, it’s time to start a ghost tour reservation software checklist. Get Ready Now On a balmy summer evening, the last thing one may be…
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Event Concessions - Food Truck vs. Venue Kitchen

Food and drink event concessions are an important part of an event – but which is a better value for the venue owner? A food truck or a kitchen staff? Below is a quick look at the choices, the rationale and some examples from venues like the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Coarsely referred to…
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ticket packages

Why you should offer experience enhancing ticket packages

Why do we blog this? New AEG/LivingSocial bundled ticket packages are recognition of the high value ticket buyers assign to their event experience. Your ThunderTix account contains everything you need to create the same experience enhancing packages.

Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

Chances are you’ve seen these mysterious little barcodes of arranged squares of various sizes. Japanese company Denso Wave created Quick Response codes, more commonly known as “QR Codes,” to be decoded at a high speed. This two-dimensional data matrix can hold 100 times more information than a traditional barcode and can be encoded with text,…
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Groupon, Coupons, and More! Oh my!

Groupon Coupon Integration With the growth of “daily deal” sites like Living Social and Groupon, we’ve had a lot of requests for easy integration of your coupons. When a customer buys from one of the daily deal websites like Groupon, they are assigned a unique code for every Groupon they purchased. Groupon will provide the business owner a spreadsheet of…
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Oh, what to tweet about on Twitter!

In February, Twitter eclipsed the 50 million tweets-per-day-mark or a mind-numbing 600 tweets per second. Facebook’s even higher at 700 posts per second. For those on the receiving end, that’s a lot of network noise to filter through to find value. On the flip side, the job of reaching folks is even harder when you…
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Triggering Impulse Ticket Purchases

Relatively inexpensive impulse purchases allow for much quicker decisions than say, deciding which ticket and event management software to use at your venue. For venues that want to trigger impulse purchases, posting time sensitive offerings might be just the trick to raise attendance at events. One of the most inexpensive and low-tech methods of providing…
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