Software Update – New for November 2013

Software Update - New for November 2013

software update

Not resting on our laurels - and hot on the heels of last month's big software update - here's what's new for November 2013...

Extended Coupon Search

FingerWe have included a date range to all coupon searches. The returned search results display all orders with redeemed coupons within the specified date range. Search by a combination of date range and coupon code, name, or customer name for an even more effective search.

Performance Summary Report: Coupon Redemptions

The financial overview of the Performance Summary Report now includes total number of coupons used and the total value of those redemptions. Further, to the bottom of the page to view a list of all coupon redemptions and its corresponding value.

Add Fees to Defined Packages

Create a fee to be applied to each package of tickets purchased for all defined packages.

"Hurry! Time is running out!"

Marketers know that instilling a sense of urgency is a key to buying. Urge your patrons to a "buy now" decision by displaying when only a few tickets remain. "Few" is an arbitrary number: for tour operators with 20 seats per event, you might want to alert potential buyers when only 5 tickets remain. Large venues may want an alert displayed when only 125 tickets remain.

This feature supersedes our older alert with a default setting that displayed the notice when only 5 tickets remained. To show a warning, you must use the new Ticket Availability Warning. Find the setting in the Additional Options when creating a new event. For existing events, click on the Event's edit link and find the setting under "Ticket Availability".

Responsive Design

ResponsiveThe events' listings and purchase pages used by your buyers are now presented in a responsive design. What does this trending term "responsive design" mean? Responsive web pages are created to look great for all users whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Pages are presented in formats that resize for the viewing device. In addition, tablets (i.e. iPad, Nexus) and smart phone users will see context sensitive keyboards when entering data. For example, an iPhone user will see a numeric, calculator style keyboard when entering credit card information and an "email ready" keyboard when entering email addresses.

If you currently use the embedded iframe code, you'll want to make one small change to the code you have within your own website. Just change the width from whatever it is to 100%. This will allow your ThunderTix events to update in a responsive manner within your own responsive website. If your site is not responsive and you use the iframe, the ThunderTix event display will be unchanged. If you link to your ThunderTix event listing using your subdomain, your events will automatically render responsively with no additional changes.

More Data on Performance Sales Report

Your single performance export reports now include financial breakdowns on shipping fees, ticket/other fees, and donations as they apply. For performances containing more than 100 orders, reports are emailed directly to the address of the requesting user.

Finally...a Calendar for Public Users

software updateWe know you've requested a calendar interface for your buyers, and it's been on our "to do" list for a long time. With our upgrade behind us, we're ready to roll it out. So, here's your notice: if you are interested in trying out our new beta Public Calendar View (just like the new reports), let us know, and we'll flip the switch for you. Feedback is welcomed!


Thank you for making ThunderTix your choice in event ticketing.

The ThunderTix Team