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Even though Halloween is months away, ghost tour operators are getting ready right now and some tours have already begun. But whether you're planning ahead or kicking off a scary summer, it's time to start a ghost tour reservation software checklist.

Get Ready Now

On a balmy summer evening, the last thing one may be thinking of is Halloween, but some ghost tour operators aren't waiting and have already kicked their frightful fun into high gear. Other ghost tour guides, like historians Mike Sherman and Cath Connor in Alberta Canada, are planning ahead for the Fall holiday rush.

As seen in the video above, Sherman and Connor will be working through the summer gathering up historical information on the tombstones in their township's cemetery. The more information they gather, the more informative (and entertaining) their planned ghost tour will be, later this year.

Sherman and Connor’s research will build upon what is already considered a tourism attraction in the town of Granum. On the city’s official website, the the cemetery is described as being established in 1908 with several notable internments, but is yet to offer formal guided tours. Sherman and Connor hope to change that this Fall with a new tour that will increase the number of visitors as well as spur the local economy.

While a new ghost tour is in the early planning stages in Alberta, so-called dark tourism in other areas is already in full effect, right now.

Scary Summer Starts

South Texas is home to The Alamo, but several famously haunted locales that are home to ghost tours all year round. One such tour is the Houston Ghost Tour operated by Danny Thomas and managed by Lindy Blackwood. The pair have been providing a scary good time for Houston locals and visitors alike since 2008. Houston Ghost Tour has been listed as one of the top ghost tours in Texas.

The notorious summer heat that Houston is known for is not putting a damper on the fun. As seen on the website, the polite suggestion being made to those about to book a tour says “It's getting hotter, so bring water and bug spray to your tour!

Also on the official website is an explanation of recent policy changes geared toward making an already successful business even better. As of last month, the ghost tours now need to have at least five persons booked in advance.

If we have less than 5 people scheduled including your reservation, you will be notified. In the event that we do not max out at 5 by the date of the tour, you will be notified of a tour cancellation. If you request a tour for less than 5 people, please speak with our manager or owner for further information.

This smart practice will make for more cost effective operations as well as being more fun for the guests (“the more the merrier!”). While yet to adopt a formal ghost tour reservation software, Thomas and Blackwood do offer reservations by telephone and accept payment via PayPal.

Not For The Squeamish

Summer scares start on June 1st in Savanna Georgia with a new tour by Old City Walks. Called 'Savannah Noir', the ghost tour is a rowdy good time highlighting the city’s past grisly crimes and salacious acts. The event is not for the squeamish and described on the official website as:

The night-time romp explores true stories of ghastly acts and documented horrors gleaned from police records, local news accounts and eye-witnesses. No corny, go-bump-in-the-night campfire stories here! The unexpurgated truth of Savannah’s shocking history of crime, vengeance and lust. This tour is not suggested for children or the weak of heart. From her earliest days when jails were scarce and justice swift to Savannah’s present day macabre events, prepare to be enlightened and horrified.

Note that 'Savannah Noir' is being conducted every Saturday night from June 1st until the week before Halloween, ensuring a whole summer’s worth of fun entertainment. In addition to accepting telephone reservations, Old City Walks offers guests the convenience of the booking online through its ghost tour reservation software.

As mentioned in a previous post tens of thousands of people are planning their summer vacations right now, so Old City Walks is in a good position to tap into that rush of out-of-town visitors headed to Savannah.

ThunderTix Ghost Tour Reservation Software

ThunderTix is proud to be the ghost tour reservation software of choice for Old City Walks and we can be yours too.

Our plan for ghost tour operators helps you save time and make more money. The time saving comes from the ability to set a recurring tour date and time, then easily populate for every day of the year – all at once – no need to enter the same date and time over and over. Then, as your recurring tours elapse, our software automatically updates the schedule displayed on your web site. The public tour is displayed as a custom calendar date range, preventing multiple dates from cluttering your web site and making it hard for buyers to find their desired dates.

We also help you during the busy Halloween rush by giving you the ability to modify individual tour names within a larger event. Your tour can have special side trips or change from its normal route as a way to commemorate peak ghost tour demand (“Halloween Weekend Only - Masquerade Ball and Costume Contest!"). We make this easy to do and we include the ability to increase the ticket prices for the special holiday exceptions.

Be sure to take a look at our other features and sign up for a free trial today!