Missed dance recital as a plot point on NBC's 'The Office'

Missed dance recital as a plot point on NBC's 'The Office'

Actress Jenna Fischer as "Pam" upset about missed dance recital

The hit TV series 'The Office' is in its last season. The most recent episode of the series' swan song used a missed dance recital as a plot point. Even though the drama is make believe, it does serve as a reminder for dance studios and schools in the real world.

Actress Jenna Fischer plays "Pam" on NBC's 'The Office' which is in its last season of original programming. The show has taken on a slightly different tone with episodes that contain more scenes of drama than in the pure comedy of years past. The "mockumentary" style is still being used, but the writers have been "breaking down the fourth wall" in a way that makes fiction blur with reality.

The most recent episode was a heart wrenching experience for fans as "Pam" and husband "Jim" begin to have marital problems. The plot point used to convey the rift between the characters was their daughter's dance recital. A quick synopsis of the episode, including video, was posted on the Huffington Post earlier today.

[Pam] and Jim have been enduring some strain in their marriage ever since he moved part-time to Philadelphia to pursue his sports marketing start-up. When he couldn't make it home for their daughter's dance recital, he asked her to film it on her phone.

Unfortunately, Pam got a call during the performance and didn't get the video. What she did get was a big art project that she'd been hoping for. She was excited to share this news with Jim, but he'd just lost a deal and was a little short.

When he found out she'd screwed up the recording of the recital, he flipped out on Pam. She didn't even get to tell him her news. After she hung up, she turned to the documentary crew for support.

Such heartbreak occurs in the real world all too often. The episode serves as good reminder for dance studios and schools to make every effort to help parents attend their children's recitals. One of the best ways to do that is to sell tickets in advance online.

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