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Christmas Events

Ticketing Software for Nonprofit Christmas Events

When planning nonprofit Christmas events it is important to understand the role ticketing software plays in making the most of the season’s generosity. Lots of Christmas Bookings Recently, Event Industry News published “Early Indications Point Towards Events Industry Growth Over Christmas” and cited promising economic indicators for venues booking Christmas events. Although it’s still early days…
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restaurant ticketing software

No Need For Knives - Use Restaurant Reservation Software Instead

Looks like restaurant reservation no-shows have struck again and this time “the knives are out.” You don’t have to lose any more money like the restaurants below – just transition to selling tickets in-advance with restaurant reservation software! Knives Are Out for No-Show Diners Ever since Next restaurant solved the reservation no-show problem by selling tickets, restaurateurs across the…
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restaurant ticket systems

UPDATE: Restaurant Ticket Systems

UPDATE – More actionable evidence has come to light on restaurants selling tickets instead of taking telephone reservations. Past speculation, controversy and false starts notwithstanding, the move toward restaurant ticket systems may be reaching a tipping point. An Eye Popping Percentage Previous posts looked at restaurants, operating in niche markets or radically altering their service making…
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restaurant ticketing software

Public shaming is not a solution for restaurant reservation no-shows

Possibly inspired by a popular dog shaming web site, a restaurant has started publicly disparaging no-show diners on social media. While humorous to some, it is most definitely not the solution for restaurant reservation no-shows. The solution is selling pre-paid tickets in advance. Shame on whom? Red Medicine, a restaurant in Beverly Hills California, was the center…
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Ticketing software with support for special seating considerations

2014 world cup tickets are extremely high demand with the event just weeks away. Of note is the special seating considerations being made for a fans with a certain type of physical challenge – but this particular seating consideration is not part of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at least not yet. Double-wide and double price 2014 world…
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school sports ticketing software

Teams sell softball tickets ahead of the curve

The 2013 softball season has started and teams from all over the country have started to sell softball tickets. Whether it is a major college or a local community league, the best practices are the same – plan ahead, reward early purchasers and have fun! This post looks at the pre-season activity and why your…
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Missed dance recital as a plot point on NBC's 'The Office'

The hit TV series ‘The Office’ is in its last season. The most recent episode of the series’ swan song used a missed dance recital as a plot point. Even though the drama is make believe, it does serve as a reminder for dance studios and schools in the real world.

theatre box office software

The Performing Arts at The Movies

As a theatre box office software, ThunderTix’s Green Means Go prides itself on being a source of information performing arts theater and nonprofits can use for creative solutions to vexing problems. ThunderTix offers many features to theaters as an easy-to-use theatre box office software. We want to help theaters sell tickets, accept donations, and promote…
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