Who uses ThunderTix?

Performing Arts Theaters, Symphony Orchestra, Opera, Ballet, Comedy, Burlesque

ThunderTix Serves

Art is free. Tickets, not always. Let ThunderTix handle your ticketing, and you - your performers, musicians, writers, and dancers - can focus on what keeps your audience believing.

Popular features - Accept donations online and offer reserved seating in advance of performances. ADA Compliance - ThunderTix allows wheelchair accessible seats to be purchased directly by those that need them without requiring them to call the box office.

Performing Arts Theaters

School Theaters, Concerts, Fundraisers

K-12 School Events

Organizing a performance at a school or a place of worship can be a test of faith at times. You need all the help you can get to move Heaven and Earth creating a precious memory for parents and families. Having a “virtual box office” is easier than you think.

Popular features - No tickets fees and immediate access to the funds from your ticket sales

Sports and Athletics

Dance Recitals, Dance Studio Class Registration, Ballet

Dance Studios and RecitalsDance StudiosYou’ve worked all year with your students and the recital date is set. While seating is an important part of the big day, the time needed for ticketing turns your attention away from practice and preparation. ThunderTix has all the tools you need to easily assign seats to adoring parents and family.

Most popular feature - Avoid the “stampede of parents” with reserved seating

Dance Studios and Recitals

Guided Tours, Walking Tours, Historical Tours, Dark Tourism, Sightseeing Boat Cruises

Guided and Walking Tours ThunderTix gives your customers - from the most whimsical to the most disciplined of tourists - a mobile, virtual box office that can keep your schedule packed and updated.

Popular features - Set recurring dates and times and tailor an existing tour for the holiday rush

Sightseeing and Guided tours

Sightseeing Train Rides, Train Reservation System, Reserved Seating by Car

Train Ride Reservation Software

Unique to rail travel are federal safety requirements for passenger manifests. ThunderTix helps you manage regulations and maintain profitability with ticket purchasing reports for passenger manifests and barcoded tickets to increase boarding time efficiency.

Popular features - Sell tickets 24/7 with a virtual ticket office and increase boarding efficiency

Train Ride Reservation Software

Nonprofits, Charities, Fundraisers, Benefit Performances, 501(c)(3), Religious Organizations

Nonprofits and Charities

ThunderTix can help your non-profit kill two birds with one digital stone by processing donations to your organization during online ticket sales.

Popular features - Ask for and accept donations online, plus integrated credit card processing

Nonprofits and charities

Live Music Venues, Concerts, Nightclubs, Bars, Independent Musicians

Live music venues

Be it rowdy Rock & Roll or an elegant string quartet, the demands of live music ticket sales are the same. Your business needs to sell as many tickets for each live music performance as possible, online and at the box office, to maintain a profitable bottom line.

Popular features - Generate revenue with ad space on your tickets or optional ticket fees

Live Music Venues

Annual Festivals, Outdoor Events, State Fairs, Annual Events, Burning Man

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Modern civilization has been around for a couple centuries now, but people still like to party in fields with animals. Temporary events like music festivals, carnivals, and fairs can bring large crowds to vast locations with many entrance gates. Our technology lowers festival operating costs by moving ticket sales online - translating into more accurate attendance estimates - and streamlining gate management using our barcode ticket scanners.

Popular features - Stop ticket fraud and manage multiple entrance gates with barcode scanning

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Restaurants, Supper Clubs, Fixed Menu, Underground Dining, Secret Soirées, Table d'hôte

Guided and Walking ToursWith ThunderTix, restaurants can immunize themselves against no-shows - and help cut food waste - by making the transition from telephone reservations to advance ticketing.

Popular features - Nightly deposits of your funds from ticket sales for liquidity and lessened food waste

Sightseeing and Guided tours

Trade Shows, Conferences, Conventions, Exhibits, Expositions, Corporate Events and Retreats

Trade Shows and Conferences

>Managers of conferences and trade shows have one thing on their mind – a successful event resulting in a lucrative database of attendee contact information. ThunderTix event registration is tailor-made for the demands of any size conference or trade show.

Popular features - Pre-register vendors and sell booth space faster with advanced floor charts

Trade Shows and Conferences

Sports Venues, Athletics, Softball Tournaments, Track & Field, Velodrome, Auto Racing

Sports and Athletics

Football, Softball, Basketball and other sports events are often so popular the “just show up” method of seating in the stands doesn’t meet the demand. But we know that striving for a winning season is your primary goal, not worrying about ticket sales.

Popular features - No tickets fees and immediate access to the funds from your ticket sales

Sports and Athletics

If you do not see your industry, please contact us. We can tailor our technology to meet your needs. And a reminder for our friends in Canada, ThunderTix proudly offers online event ticketing for Canadian venues and events too! Be sure to take a look at all the features we have to offer and sign up for a free trial today!