Event Ticketing in Canada

Canada Event Ticketing Software

Event Ticketing Software CanadaIf you need a ticket service that supports Canadian currency for your ticket sales, we have you covered. ThunderTix offers integration with multiple gateways for the Canadian dollar: Stripe, Braintree, Moneris, and Paypal Canada with support for both debit and credit cards. All revenues are delivered to your merchant bank nightly as sales are made. This means you have immediate access to funds for advertising and promotion.

Our integration usually means your box office can be ready for sales within 24 hours including a fully branded point of sale for online ticket purchases by your patrons. The box office controls are fine-grained on a per-user basis. Whether you want to prevent staff from accepting cash payments, limiting providing box office overrides, or preventing access to financials, you have complete flexibility assigning user privileges. This ensures users access only the features needed to effectively perform tasks.

Reserved Seating

Our custom designed seating charts are mobile responsive and beautiful. With concerns around Covid, we even support timed entry and automated social distancing. That means you can set the number of seats separating households, and we'll automatically block seats as purchases are made. Timed entry permits patrons to choose a convenient arrival time, and separated arrivals means lobbies are never crowded.

Our custom seating layouts support every style and configuration! When you submit your seating chart to our team, you'll share the type of venue needed: auditorium, black box, trade show, table (cabaret) seating, arena, campsites, and more. Patrons choose their own seats freeing you from managing reservations manually.

Table Layouts for Dinner Theaters, Jazz Clubs, and Restaurants

Dinner theaters, jazz clubs, and restaurants have special needs. For example, seating different households at the same table might not be possible. You have the option to ensure all seats are blocked at a table upon purchase. To prevent a party of two from taking a table for six, you have the option to require all seats to be purchased. These little intricacies help define an exceptional ticket platform that meets your needs, and ThunderTix has you covered.

General Admission and Mixed Seating (Hybrid)

Of course, we also support general admission or even hybrid arrangements with a mix of reserved and general admission seating. Further, our event packages allow you to mix and match events across your entire run of events with different seating layouts.

Integrated Concessions and Merchandise

Allow patrons to purchase food and beverages along with ticket purchases. This allows your concessions staff to get a jump on the evening's event with a detailed list of preordered concessions. You may even include merchandise for sale in your additional purchase options to sell things like posters, t-shirts, and more.

Software Monthly & Annual License Fees

ThunderTix is offered on a monthly basis via automatic draft paid or using your preferred credit card. Pricing is straightforward, and we allow you to add an optional fee assessed to customers during purchase to fully defray the cost of service. With our integrated gift card options, loyalty program, and fundraising module, your organization saves money by using our all-in-one platform versus paying for other external services. Even better, all records are tied together into one cohesive patron database to provide clear insights around patron buying patterns.

Accepting credit card payments

All ticket sales will be processed in Canadian dollars using your preferred payment gateway. As transactions are processed, your payment gateway batches those transactions and deposits them nightly to your preferred checking account. We offer integration with the following payment gateways:

When you choose Stripe as your payment gateway, you'll not only have the ability to accept donations online but patrons will have the option to make their donations a monthly recurring gift. Automated monthly recurring donation management is currently only available with Stripe.

Stripe also offers a contactless payment terminal for transactions processed on-site. The terminal accepts payment by swipe, chip, and tap as well as mobile payments using Google Pay and Apple Pay. Finally, through our partnership with Stripe, we also support payments made using Canadian debit cards.

Determining the Right Package

There are two main monthly plans -- General Admission and Reserved Seating -- which are billed during any month you're actively selling tickets for your upcoming events. Once your event or season ends, you have the option to downgrade your plan to Maintenance for a reduced price of $10/month to reduce expenses in the off-season. Review the questions below to see what features your venue needs to run a successful box office.

ThunderTix supports the following industries:

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