Performing Arts Ticketing Software

The fewest clicks for the fastest box office

We help box offices run more efficiently by ensuring every feature and every click in our performing arts ticketing software is designed intuitively. This translates to a user-friendly performing arts platform:

  • Lots of cross linking - For example, while viewing a single order, your functional options include: clicking to the customer record or to the event, resending emails, tracking barcode scans, viewing email delivery statistics and so much more.
  • Simplified processes - On event night, process ticket orders quickly with card swipes and chip readers, and when complete, with one click, you are ready for the next patron!
  • Automation everywhere - Set and forget functionality such as nightly reports, weekly dashboard statistics, automated donation thank you letters, automated post-event surveys and polls. The more you automate, the more time you can devote to other tasks.

Performing arts ticketing software designed with mature audiences in mind

We've found that most of our clients cater to more mature audiences who are often tripped up by ambiguous error messages and sloppy designs. We built our performing arts ticketing software to make purchases and donations seamless. 

  • Self-exchanges - Patrons may process their own seat exchanges. No more telephone tagging and lots of happy customers.
  • Reservation payment reminders - Create reservations for clients and notify them when payment is due. Gentle reminders before the deadline ensure patrons don't miss their seats.
  • Easy-peasy purchase process - We highlight important fields, so patrons are not frustrated with missing information, and we use wizard-style purchase processes that step them through to final checkout.
  • We never break the "back button". In other words, if a patron wants to review the last step, we'll show them exactly what they want without displaying a broken page.

We spend a lot of time streamlining order processing. On event night, the box office can help patrons move through the door quickly. We focus on fewer clicks and step-by-step processes to help mature audiences confidently purchase season passes and tickets online. This frees up staff time that might otherwise be spent on the phone. Even accessible seats are easily purchased without box office assistance, and of course, everything is mobile friendly.

Performing arts ticketing software must make functions like refunds and exchanges, blocking seats, or scanning tickets quick and seamless. For the back office, accountants and bookkeepers love our reconciliation reports that make balancing accounts a breeze. All reports include up-to-the-minute accuracy and are available on demand. We even email daily sales data to your inbox each morning, so you have a full understanding of yesterday's sales.

Rent your venue? You'll love our options!

Even better, if you rent your venue, you'll love our user logins for venue renters. This feature optionally provides as much or as little control as desired to edit their own events, to access their own financial reports and to scan tickets freeing you to focus on other tasks.

Sell tickets directly from your website. Enter your events into ThunderTix, and we'll automatically enter them into your website saving double entry. Easily learn how to set up a ticket selling website with our simple copy/paste embed codes. With custom styling, your ticket sales page matches the brand and design of your site.

The premier choice for non-profit organizations

If you are a non-profit organization, you'll love the special features built to help collect donations in small and large ways either through fundraising campaigns or with ticket purchases. Further, we have pricing that non-profit organizations love! ThunderTix is an easy-to-use performing arts ticketing software ready to test as a free trial with no credit card. Alternatively, and if it's more convenient, please contact us for a demo.

Box office management software includes all the tools you need to manage seating, hold back or reserve seats and to sell season passes.
Some patrons like the aisle. Others need accessible and companion seating. Save staff time by allowing your patrons to pick their seats with our reserved seating software -- even for season passes!
Packages for reserved and general admission offer date specific, choose-your-dates, or flexible last-minute options. Optionally sell season passes even while individual dates are open for sale to the public.
Detailed patron purchasing and donation history are stored in your private CRM. Make notes and TODOs, search, export, and make the most of your data.
Save time importing and exporting contacts! Use our integrated mass mail platform or connect MailChimp or Constant Contact to automatically subscribe patrons to your segmented email lists.
Use our "round up" feature to collect small donations as part of a ticket purchase or our fundraising campaigns to reach larger goals. We aggregate donations and automatically assign donor levels for time-saving searches.

Assigned Seating At Your Performing Arts Theater

We offer a slate of features related to assigned or reserved seating to take advantage of every efficiency to simplify box office and online purchases. Our seating charts are custom designed to suit your venue and use intuitive color-coding to help patrons find the seat that best fits their budgets.

At the conclusion of every purchase, customers receive their seat assignments and event tickets via email including a receipt of tickets, a receipt for any donations made or merchandise purchased with the order. Every email and eTicket use your branded logo, ticket design, and colors and include venue policies and optional advertising.

Box Office Tools For Your Staff

Guest Lists

Box office staff access complete guest lists and search quickly by patron name. Print out guest lists in advance of the event. Check guests in upon arrival from Guest Lists or use our mobile scanning apps for Android and iOS. Our performing arts ticketing software makes guest check-in easy.

Reserved Seat Management

Upload your reserved seating chart layout and our team will build it to match your venue's space. Seating charts are ADA compliant for accessible seating in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) including clearly marked wheelchair and companion seats.

Box office staff can easily view sold seats, held or blocked seats or reserved seats for later payment in real-time displays. Easily process exchanges from one performance to another or simply to different seats for the same show.

Gift Cards

Sell electronic gift cards throughout the year in any denomination. Gift-givers may elect a delayed delivery date to reach their recipients on the desired date. We track all redemptions and balances automatically freeing box office staff from accounting. Finally, since up to 20% of gift cards go unredeemed, selling gift cards can be a financial boost to your bottom line.

Accept Donations

Donations and ticket sales revenue are deposited nightly into your bank account. These deposits provide immediate access to capital to pay for production costs. Further, we add no ticket fees nor do we take a percentage of your charitable donations. You keep every dollar your organization collects in donations or any ticket fees you choose to add.

Ready to Raise the Curtain?