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Whale Watching reservation system

Whale Watching Reservation Software - Part of a $2 Billion a Year Industry

According to a report from The Discovery Channel, the whale watching tour industry generated $2 billion (with a ‘B’) in revenue during 2012. Here’s a closer look a the success of whale watching, some exemplary tour operators, and tips on choosing a whale watching tour reservation system. Booming Business In February, The Discovery Channel took an in-depth look at the…
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campus concerts

Campus Concerts Do's and Don'ts

Music concerts at schools come with special circumstances that are not usually found at commercial “for-profit” venues. Schools, from the local elementary to the largest college campus in the country, face the same challenge – financial transparency, return on investment and creating a memorable experience for the students. This post lists some of the “do’s and don’ts” for campus…
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advertising on tickets

Madmen Advice: Sell Advertising on Tickets

The portrayal of the advertising industry in AMC’s hit TV series ‘Madmen’ may lead the hard working entertainer that advertiser underwriting is beyond their ability. The truth is, bands and venues can obtain lucrative sponsorship but the right approach is required. Music industry “madmen” Simon Tam and Scott Honsberger have some good advice for bands plus we add our own two cents: sell…
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