Whale Watching Reservation Software – Part of a $2 Billion a Year Industry

Whale Watching reservation system

According to a report from The Discovery Channel, the whale watching tour industry generated $2 billion (with a 'B') in revenue during 2012. Here's a closer look a the success of whale watching, some exemplary tour operators, and tips on choosing a whale watching tour reservation system.

Booming Business

In February, The Discovery Channel took an in-depth look at the eco-friendly whale watching industry, in a reported called 'Whale Watching a Booming Business'. One may ask why whale watching tours are considered to be "eco-friendly"...

Because the report concludes that the majestic creatures are "worth more alive than dead" countering claims made by pro-whale hunting countries like Japan. The business of whale watching employs vastly more people and generates nearly ten times the revenue than the (deplorable) practice of whale hunting, so says the 88-nation International Whaling Commission (IWC). From Discovery's 'Booming Business'

13 million eco-tourists in 2009 paid to see the animals in their natural element, generating $2.1 billion and employing 13,000 people across hundreds of coastal regions worldwide...Whale tourism has expanded steadily over the last two decades, and could add more than $400 million and 5,700 jobs to the global economy each year [according to] a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Marine Policy

Discovery quotes researcher Rashid Sumaila as saying that the $400 million and 5,700 jobs whale watching adds to the global economy each year is actually a "conservative estimate."

The overwhelming IWC data referenced by The Discovery Channel supports the widely held opinion that whale watching tours are a very profitable endeavor, in addition to making the world a better place. Whale watching tours in the United States are so successful they are routinely cited by the IWC as the shining example for other countries to follow.

Guaranteed Whale Sighting

One business that is part of the $2 billion a year industry is the Cape Ann Whale Watch in Gloucester Massachusetts. Tourists participate in the excursion for the sheer entertainment value, the education in environmental stewardship being an additional benefit. As seen in the video above, the guests of the Cape Ann Whale Watch tour get an up close and very personal encounter with the whales off the New England coast.

As a business, Cape Ann Whale Watch makes the amazing offer to its guests of a guaranteed sighting:

We are so confident in our ability to find whales, we guarantee it. If you do not see a whale with us, you may come again FREE FOR LIFE until you do. We do not consider this a gimmick—it is our passion to show our guests these gentile giants, and share an experience of a lifetime. Our 98% success rate is due to our location, speed, and local experience - 35 years and counting. We feature the largest and fastest whale watch vessel in Massachusetts, north of Boston.

Few whale watching tours, or any business in any industry for that matter, make that kind of a promise to the consumer.

Fred Douglass founded the successful company in 1979, shortly after the Endangered Species Act was passed, and Cape Ann Whale Watch been thrilling guests ever since. Tour reservations are made either by telephone or on the website and offer special packages for large groups and corporate outings. Note that Cape Ann Whale Watch conducts tours not once, but twice a day during the Summer season [Editor's note - ThunderTix is proud to be Cape Ann's choice in whale watching tour reservation system].

#1 In California

Another example of the booming whale watching industry is on the opposite side of the country, in Monterey California.

The Princess Monterey Whale Watching tour is the number one wildlife activity in California and has enjoyed that status for the past 10 years. The company's port of call is also home to theMonterey Bay Aquarium, the original eco-tourism destination. Between the aquarium and the Princess Monterey Whale Watching tour, sightseers and out-of-town visitors will have a full agenda.

Like the Cape Ann tour, Princess Monterey offers its guests the choice of two tours per day, as well as specialty tours that are narrated by local marine biologists. However, unlike the Cape Ann Whale Watch guarantee of a whale sighting, Princess Monterey takes a more conservative approach.

While we can’t guarantee a whale sighting every trip, our experience has allowed us to maintain an unsurpassed record for success in this area. The California coast offers a unique opportunity to observe whales and other marine wildlife year round. We offer a safe, fun, and educational trip for the whole family to enjoy.

Fortunately for whale watchers on the west coast, the Summer tour schedule is about to begin, timed to coincide with the whale's migration to Alaska, so there will be a virtual whale traffic jam. The watching watching season is actually set to begin this month on both U.S. coasts as well as in Canada - what's known as the "seasonal rush" in the tour industry!

ThunderTix Whale Watching Tour Reservation System

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