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UPDATE: Restaurant Ticket Systems

UPDATE – More actionable evidence has come to light on restaurants selling tickets instead of taking telephone reservations. Past speculation, controversy and false starts notwithstanding, the move toward restaurant ticket systems may be reaching a tipping point. An Eye Popping Percentage Previous posts looked at restaurants, operating in niche markets or radically altering their service making…
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Public shaming is not a solution for restaurant reservation no-shows

Possibly inspired by a popular dog shaming web site, a restaurant has started publicly disparaging no-show diners on social media. While humorous to some, it is most definitely not the solution for restaurant reservation no-shows. The solution is selling pre-paid tickets in advance. Shame on whom? Red Medicine, a restaurant in Beverly Hills California, was the center…
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George W Bush at Plumstead Christian School

Spotlight - George W. Bush keynote for Plumstead Christian School

We have written about the time-sensitive nature of re-starting a past event, now we’ll discuss another time-sensitive aspect of ticket sales – the importance of graceful non-availability prompts once your event has concluded. Why do we blog this? This post is part of an on-going series of “spotlights”. We want to bring examples of how…
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