Guide to the Best Ticketing Service for Ghost Tours

ticketing service for ghost tours

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! You’re gearing up to create your annual ghost tour, and you know you need to nail down a ticketing service. Where do you start? We’ve developed this guide to help you find the best ticketing service for ghost tours. Your focus is to find a platform with all of the integrated tools to help you and your mostly seasonal staff be highly efficient.

Ticketing for Ghost Tours

After our busy summers here at ThunderTix, we get even more excited for the busiest month of the year -- October -- and the return of our ghost tours. Ticketing for ghost tours is about selling a lot of tickets in a very short period, then getting those customers through the doors even faster. Online and always reliable systems must be the foundation of any search. Let's look at some of the features you'll want to have when assessing ticketing for ghost tours.

Reliability in the Cloud Based

Given the short window of time that ghost tours operate, having a cloud based and always-up system is essential. ThunderTix's excels here with an uptime of virtually 100% all day, every day, 365 days a year. In addition to uptime, you need to know you can count on your questions being answered even if it's midnight on Halloween. Our staff is available 7 days a week, and we'll be there to ensure you don't fall into panic mode with 2000 "Jasons" and scary clowns lined up at your door!

Easy to Use

Three quarters of a year have passed since you last logged into your ticketing system. You need to be up and running quickly, and the last thing you want to do is to spend precious time training a new and seasonal staff. Our mantra here is to make things easy-peasy. With ThunderTix, you can begin selling tickets online instantly, and our video tutorials means your staff can learn at at their convenience.

Even better, our reviews prove that we provide stellar customer service. That means we take care of staff training, so you can focus on your creating the scariest ghost tour ever.

Ticket Fee Flexibility

ThunderTix never charges a ticket fee and never takes a portion of your revenue which is unlike every other ticketing service for ghost tours. Instead, we give you complete flexibility to charge any fees and retain 100% of the revenue collected. You can sell tickets online with no fees.

If your ghost tour is lucky enough to have "rock star status" with record sales, then you have even greater opportunities to increase profits with ticket fees. You can charge the same fees that our competitors charge your customers, but rather than forking those proceeds over to them, you keep every penny earned. Now, that's how you grow revenue!

Product Sales

One of our ghost tours sells "mercy pins". The pins are used to turn back a ghost when a petrified customer's stamina isn't quite up to the scare! You can sell products with tickets easily, and our system allows for a variety of options. In addition to “mercy pins”, increase up-sell opportunities with t-shirts sales in multiple sizes and colors. Our up-to-the-minute product reports helps increase efficiency by helping you prepare your stock of products for event night.

You can even sell products after the event has passed to those customers who breathlessly left too quickly to purchase a souvenir during the event!

Automatic Dynamic Ticket Pricing

For ghost tours that don't quite achieve sold-out status, consider using our dynamic pricing tool to motivate early ticket purchases. You set the number of days in advance of your event that you want ticket prices to rise, and we'll take care of the rest.

This is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue. You get the benefit of early sales to help with advertising costs, and as your event night approaches, you can take advantage of multiple price increases to bring in more revenue. The closer to October 31, the higher the price you might charge!

Coupons and Promotions

Nothing jump-starts a new event faster than "buy one get one" (BOGO) offers. Create unlimited coupons for unlimited possibilities -- percentage off, dollar off, valid for specified weekdays only, "expiring soon" offers and much more. Post different and unique coupon codes on various social media channels, then measure redemption to determine which advertising channel works best to attract fans.

Barcode Scanning

barcode ticket scanner You have assurance that one ticket means one entry. With ThunderTix, you have many different options for barcode ticket scanning, validating ticket entry and preventing fraud with duplicated tickets. Our Android and iOS apps scan tickets from our paper eTickets or directly from customer's mobile screens. Regardless of the number of gates, we'll flag any duplicated or invalid ticket. And if you offer "multiple entry" on slow selling nights, you can even reset those barcodes for additional uses.

The best ticketing service for ghost tours focuses on efficiency, ease-of-use and unsurpassed reliability. If you want to sell tickets online, we have you covered with a simple interface, great support and essential tools that help you and your seasonal staff get up and running instantly. And our always-on reliability won't have you experiencing nightmares as the ghost and ghouls descend! Our ticketing website offers you the ability to sign up for a free trial to test out all our features.