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Per-Ticket Fees vs. ThunderTix Subscription

Unlike competitors, ThunderTix collects zero fees from your customers. Instead, we give our clients complete control over ticket fees, so you can positively impact sales by charging little or no fees.

Use the calculator below to see how fees compare with a ThunderTix monthly subscription.

Consumers Hate Fees

If ThunderTix's Fee Free Friday series of post have taught us anything, it is that consumers absolutely hate ticket fees. It is no exaggeration to say that many choose to not attend an event solely because of unjustified fees and nebulous service charges. That is lost revenue.

When high ticket fees are presented at the end of the purchase process the would-be patron gets a "gotcha!" they did not expect. The once $20 purchase of two tickets suddenly jumps to $40 after fees and services charges are applied. Should the consumer soldier on and complete the purchase? It is important to note that customers can make their resentment of unreasonable ticket fees known to thousands people - with just a single mouse click.

High Fees Reduce Ticket Sales

The long term success of any business is utterly reliant on sales. Extensive data shows that high ticket fees and service charges are the number one reason for cart abandonment. In the Internet era, ticket sales through virtual box offices are a venue's primary source of revenue. To mismanage that revenue stream with undue ticket fees borders on negligence.

A responsible ticket purveyor uses every possible tool to maintain the highest level of success during the purchase process, they never leave one red cent to chance, and especially not when it comes to something as preventable as cart abandonment.

ThunderTix does not charge customers ticket fees

As the ticketing industry leader in software free of per-ticket fees, ThunderTix is uniquely positioned to help your business more than any other ticketing vendor. Our customers operate in the black consistently because of the cost-saving benefits of our subscription-based no fee ticketing software. The vast majority of our customers pass the savings we provide along to their customers by reducing or eliminating per-ticket fees. This pay-it-forward practice has proven to increase ticket sales volume and velocity. You too can join their ranks using the same best practices for ticket fees. Here's how:

1. Using a ThunderTix account you can charge a nominal fee to cover all costs of ticketing. Your customers will pay a nominal fee that they perceive as reasonable, especially when it is clearly described early on in the purchase process (e.g. "$2.00 artist appearance fee"). Ticket buyers are smart and understand that businesses must operate at a profit in order to continue to provide great experiences.

2. If your venue is primarily one that has live music performances, you can charge a slightly higher fee and retain 100% of the proceeds that generally are not shared with the band or a rented venue since fees are a cost of doing business. Recouping incurred overhead costs happens faster when your ticketing software does not charge you per-ticket fees.

3. ThunderTix's subscription based, no fee ticketing software saves you money when compared to other ticketing software. Many other ticketing companies charge your customers $1 per ticket sold and call the software "free to you". That is operating revenue going to the ticketing company rather than your pocket. In addition to no per-ticket fees, ThunderTix offers nightly deposits and flexible subscription pricing that expand and contract based on sales volume.

The flat-rate subscription, the savings from no per-ticket fees online or at the box office, the nightly deposits, and the happy buyers word of mouth advertising, all combined as a turn-key solution, earns you money over and above the price of the service.

This brief list of ticket fee best practices just scratches the surface. ThunderTix offers extensive tools that provide fine-grained control over every aspect of the ticket purchase process. You'll have complete control over ticket pre-sales, dates, times, dollar amounts, coupon redemption, season ticket and lucrative extras, and VIP packages - to meet your sales goals.

You Get 100% Proceed Retention. Deposited Nightly

You won’t have to wait until the day of the performance, or after the show, for your ticket sales dollars. As tickets are purchased, all ticketing dollars are directly deposited nightly into your own business bank account. Use the incoming money to promote and advertise the event or other events you may have upcoming. In addition to having immediate access to your ticket sales revenue, ThunderTix has partnered with preferred merchant account providers at rates well below those imposed by most ticketing providers.

ThunderTix No Fee Ticketing Software Saves You Money

The choice is clear. ThunderTix's subscription-based, no fee ticketing software is a superior choice over software that charges a per-ticket fee. Whether you are new to selling tickets online or are considering making the switch from per-ticket fee-based online sales, we would love the opportunity to talk to you about your short and long term needs. Big or small and every sized venue and event in between, our technology can save you time and money.

You Decide

ThunderTix allows you to take complete control of ticket fees. Decide what fee to charge and keep 100% of the revenue.