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Tour Guide Management Software

Tour Guide Management Software How-to: Unusual Tours

Even though a tour is considered “unusual”, it’s not unusual for alternative or quirky guided tours to be very successful businesses when properly marketed. Here are some examples, as well as how to get more bookings with tour guide management software. ABBA Walk Tourism, both domestic and international, is about to peak over the next few…
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tour guide management software

How-to Market Guided Tours To Baby Boomers

“Lots of free time and disposable income, looking for adventure…” No, that’s not a description of 20-somethings, that is the 50-74 year-old baby boomer demographic. Getting more bookings for your guided tour means knowing how to market to vibrant and tech savvy baby boomers. Here’s how to do it using ThunderTix tour guide management software.…
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Garden Tour Ticketing Software

No Green Thumb Needed For Garden Tour Ticketing Software

They say you need a green thumb to get plants to grow well. But you don’t need any thing other than the right garden tour ticketing software to have a successful event. Here’s a quick look at just how easy it is to sell garden tour tickets online. Tips For Home & Garden Tours There are…
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boat tour ticketing software

Boat Tour Reservation Software & The 4th of July Holiday Rush

A boat tour in Baltimore Maryland will be providing what it calls the “Francis Scott Key experience” for the 4th of July. An interesting mix of education, entertainment and other nautical niceties, the event is a special offer during the notorious holiday rush that every boat tour company knows all too well. Here’s a quick…
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ghost tour reservation software

Scary Summer - Ghost Tour Reservation Software

Even though Halloween is months away, ghost tour operators are getting ready right now and some tours have already begun. But whether you’re planning ahead or kicking off a scary summer, it’s time to start a ghost tour reservation software checklist. Get Ready Now On a balmy summer evening, the last thing one may be…
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Tour Guide Ticketing Software

Recoup Costs Faster with Guided Tour Booking Software

After a recent court ruling in Washington D.C., the cost of being a tour guide will not be going down anytime soon. The ever increasing overhead means that tour guides must find a way to recoup those costs as quickly as possible – one way to do that is with tour guide booking software. Court Ruling: Licensing…
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zip line reservation system

Hot Right Now: Zip Line Reservation Systems

Zip line tours are THE hot activity right now. New zip line courses are opening everyday and established ones are expanding in size. As Summer draws near, demand for the popular activity will only increase – is your zip line reservation system ready? Zip Line Mecca To get an idea of just how hot zip line…
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Software for walking tour operators - Revving up for the new season

Another busy walking tour season is about to begin and operators all over the country are revving-up for the rush. Here is a look at different techniques you can use to stand out from the crowd and tips on software for walking tour operators. Celebrity Excitement The month of May inspires people to get outside and enjoy…
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Whale Watching reservation system

Whale Watching Reservation Software - Part of a $2 Billion a Year Industry

According to a report from The Discovery Channel, the whale watching tour industry generated $2 billion (with a ‘B’) in revenue during 2012. Here’s a closer look a the success of whale watching, some exemplary tour operators, and tips on choosing a whale watching tour reservation system. Booming Business In February, The Discovery Channel took an in-depth look at the…
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Comp Tickets

Do comp tickets help or hurt tour operators?

Las Vegas hotels are famous for the complementary ticket policy extended to guests – but do comp tickets help or hurt tour operators? A respected industry professional recently published his opinion based on two decades of data. The Unrequited Hope Of Comp Tickets Complementary tickets, or “comps”, are a staple in the events industry. Be they part of a deal…
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