Hot Right Now: Zip Line Reservation Systems

zip line reservation system

Zip line tours are THE hot activity right now. New zip line courses are opening everyday and established ones are expanding in size. As Summer draws near, demand for the popular activity will only increase - is your zip line reservation system ready?

Zip Line Mecca

To get an idea of just how hot zip line tours are right now, one need only look at the expansion plans in Rumford, Maine. The zip line size at this weekend's 1st Annual Rumford Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Festival is a "mere" 600 feet. But according to NBC affiliate WCSH, that will increase to 14,000 feet by this time next year.

Towns are making zip line tours an integral part of their lumberjack festival in response to the incredibly high demand from the public. High demand is also the reason a Rumford economic development committee intends to make zip lining the centerpiece of its marketing:

A group called Envision Rumford is endeavoring to put in 14,000 feet of zip lines. It is their hope that they can entice people from all over the region to visit Rumford. "It's the most ambitious project of my career," says Jim Sysko who is the chief engineer on the project.  He thinks zip lining is an activity that fits the hearty spirit of the people who come to the region for outdoor adventure.

Last year, Envision Rumford committee member Tom Carey emphasized the economic boost zip line tours could have for the city, saying "the zip line project is not whimsical or fanciful. It is not intended for a small elite group. It is an effort to exploit our assets – our roaring falls, beautiful river and landscape."

Once complete, the 14,000 feet of zip line adventures will crisscross over Rumford and connect local businesses with tourists. For example, one zip line will travel from Congress Street to Rite-Aid Pharmacy's parking lot and another one from there would travel to Cataract Station - "bringing the mountain to Mohammed" if you will.

An Unconventional View

Launching on the very same day as the Lumberjack Festival in Maine, is the new zip line tour at the Skamania Lodge. Already famous for its elegant hospitality, Skamania Lodge's new 'Canopy Zip Line Tour' offers its guests a thrilling view of the Columbia river gorge. As described on the official website:

Our longest zip at 1,000 feet in length will launch you out of a giant ponderosa pine parallel to and overlooking the mighty Columbia River. Your experienced guides will narrate your journey with information about the plants and animals native to the Columbia Gorge and an overall history of the area. This incredible tour gives you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding mountains, Columbia River and forest.

The zip line tour was added to the established scenic walking tours because of the unconventional view of the forest that cannot be experience from a trail. The Skamania Lodge enables its guests, as well as the general public, to take part in the fun using an online reservation system on its website. Since the new tour begins this weekend, the zip line reservation system will be in heavy use, which helps the lodge focus on serving the needs of all its other guests.

Largest Zip Line In Texas

As the old saying goes "everything is bigger in Texas" and that certainly holds true for zip line tour being offered by Wimberley Zipline Adventures. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix deep in the heart of Texas at Wimberly's beautiful facility in Wimberley Texas, which is just outside of San Marcos.

To commemorate their 5th successful year of operations, Wimberley has increased the number zip lines to 10, making for thousands of feet of high speed fun. The new expansion means repeat business by past visitors as well as being a great selling point to bring in new guests. The Wimberley Zipline Adventures website describes what visitors can look forward to:

Experience a rush as you soar over canyons and creeks with breathtaking 15-mile views of the Wimberley Valley. Your adventure will begin with trained guides leading you on an educational walking tour. You’ll learn about the local ecosystem of plants and wildlife, local history, and other interesting Wimberley area facts.

Also on the website are tour reservation instructions that augment the spoken reservations made by telephone. Note that adventure seekers are given the option of using Pay Pal to make a deposit should the impulse to buy come about during non-office hours. Of course with demand for zip line tours being so high, Wimberley requires advanced reservations, either by phone or email.

ThunderTix Zip Line Reservation System

If your zip line tour is seeing the a big increase in demand, now is the time to review your choice in reservation software. Will the Summer rush be more than it can handle? and PaypalThunderTix's zip line reservation system has the tools you need to meet high demand all Summer long. Creating exciting zip line adventures is your area of expertise – let us show you ours!

Our technology lets you set a tour date and time and then easily populate for every day of the year – all at once – no need to enter the same date and time over and over. In addition to reduced data entry, we support the merchant account of your choice, including PayPal. One of the biggest advantages to using ThunderTix for your tour reservations is nightly deposits. Other reservation systems make you wait days or even weeks for your money. ThunderTix puts your money in your bank account nightly so you funds are immediately available.

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