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Small Business Ticket Sales & Senate House Bill 1353

As a sidebar to our lighthearted #FeeFreeFriday, this post looks at small business ticket sales in a more serious tone. Recent legal developments in the states of Maryland and Florida need to be closely monitored by small and mid-sized venues. The outcomes will impact your ability to make money.

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Waive Ticket Fees Goodbye

“Nah, nah, hey, hey, goodbye…” is the verse you’ll be singing after reading this week’s Fee Free Friday. Why? Because earlier this week the NHL waived all ticket fees on home games! Such a positive development is immediately offset by a “personal seat license” fee being a final insult to injury for Dallas Cowboy fans. Plus, Fee…
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Friday, January 4, 2013 9:09 AM The London Olympic stadium is making the switch to be a concert venue. Note that LiveNation has lost the contract as the ticketing vendor to AEG. Interesting. Olympic Stadium to re-open as concert venue By Caroline Westbrook The Olympic Stadium in Stratford is reportedly set to re-open in July…
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Compare ThunderTix Pricing

Per-Ticket Fees vs. ThunderTix Subscription Unlike competitors, ThunderTix collects zero fees from your customers. Instead, we give our clients complete control over ticket fees, so you can positively impact sales by charging little or no fees. Use the calculator below to see how fees compare with a ThunderTix monthly subscription. Consumers Hate Fees If ThunderTix’s…
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dynamic pricing

Should Theaters Use Dynamic Pricing?

This installment of ‘Green Means Go’ asks: Should performing arts theaters & nonprofits take a page from the professional sports playbook and use dynamic pricing? Fraught with controversy, the risks and rewards of dynamic pricing for tickets require very careful consideration by theater owners and nonprofit organizations. Taking A Page From The Sports Playbook Dynamic pricing has been in use by electricity suppliers, hotels, rental cars and commercial airlines,…
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Terrifying Ticket Fees Are A Halloween Horror!

A $19.80 concert ticket fee? Ticketmaster to the Tower of London? Gut-wrenching tales of sorrow from music fans? That can only mean the special Halloween Horror edition of Fee Free Friday! This week is especially terrifying because Halloween gives us the excuse to pull out all the stops bringing you all the latest news on the omnipresent horror that…
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Scalper Bot

Ticket fees and scalper bots scatter like cockroaches in the light of new legislation

Ticket fees and so-called scalper bots scatter like cockroaches in the light of new legislation. This week we have an update on legislation that is oh so close to becoming law. Plus, we look into rumors of market manipulation of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert tickets. We also find our professional peer group begin to follow our fee…
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Sell tickets online with no fees

Sell tickets online. No fees.

Do High Ticket Fees Impact Sales? There is little doubt that ticket fees are frustrating for ticket buyers. At ThunderTix, you can sell tickets online – No fees are charged to your customer. We offer a monthly online ticketing service license based on the number of tickets sold per month. ThunderTix is the only online…
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No Ticket Fees

Do high ticket fees impact your decision about selling tickets online? There is little doubt that per ticket fees are the most controversial aspect of an event. It is the topic of a national heated debate among performers, promoters, and the United States Congress, but most of all, your event patrons. At ThunderTix, we do…
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Non-profit fundraising

How creative solutions can benefit your non-profit event fundraising

Recent news in the world of the performing arts show there are many ways for non-profit entities to have a successful event through a combination of donations and tickets fees. We look at two recent use cases and show how your ThunderTix account can help. The world needs the Arts Our notoriously glib Fee Free…
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