Event Management White Papers


We love to see our ticketing clients reach higher profitability using our event management and ticketing software. We recognize that knowledge about social event trends, new methods of selling, and general information can greatly raise profits. To that end, we've compiled a list of our top downloads to help you reach the next level.


White Papers & Guides

Topic Description
Considerations in Barcode Scanners Consider your staff and elements when choosing the scanners right for your event.
Types of Barcode Scanners Options for scanning at your event. From a Mobile app to off-line barcode scanning.
9 Factors in Scanning A guide to choosing which barcode scanners are right for you based on several event factors.
Advantage of Online Ticketing How an online ticketing system can provide time and cost savings over doing it the old-fashioned way--on paper
Internet Merchant Accounts Merchant Accounts & Internet Gateways: How it all works and why your venue needs them to process credit cards online
Gate Control: Effective Crowd Management Tips to consider on crowd management at your venue gate or entrance
Crowd Management and Local Laws Emergency plans for crowd management regarding fire safety, law enforcement, and contraband at your event
Ticket Printing Options Box office efficiency is closely related to ticket printing management. Determine which ticket printing method best suits your box office
Thermal Printers A laser desktop printer or thermal ticket printer? This guide is for venues considering the purchase of an event ticket printer but need help deciding which printer to choose
Thermal Printers - 2 What differences exist in thermal ticket printers? What you should know about printers and their long-term maintenance
Ticket Stock Ordering thermal ticket stock for security and event souvenir tickets:DPI, timing bars, counterfeit protection
Wristbands 101 Using wristbands for single or multi-day events. See the pros and cons of wristbands in both appearance and style
Event Ticketing in Canada ThunderTix proudly offers online event ticketing for Canadian theaters and venues