Event Wristbands 101 - A Guide For Event Management

Wristbands for Multiple Day Events

For multiple day events that require patrons to present daily proof of admission, wristbands offer a practical alternative to paper tickets. Using a wristband-for-ticket exchange program, your patrons receive wristbands at the gate upon submitting their ticket for scanning and authentication. In addition to relieving ticket buyers of the burden of holding tickets for daily use, staff are relieved of having to scan potentially damaged barcodes from worn or dog-eared tickets.

Brand Your Event While Taking Advantage of Sponsorship Opportunities

Friends showing off their wristbands for eventsUse custom wristbands to brand your event and showcase your venue's unique style or consider advertising and sponsorship opportunities for additional profits. Wristbands are visible through the duration of your event and act as a portable billboard beyond those in attendance outside your venue's gates. As souvenirs, wristbands worn days if not weeks after an event help raise awareness for next year's event.

Wristband Options

  • Wristbands are available in a variety of patterns and stock colors, and will ship the same day in most cases. A different color wristband should be used for each corresponding ticket type or admission level, helping your staff visually identify patrons and monitor areas with restricted access.
  • Custom orders require longer production times and can take as log as two weeks to be shipped. Additional time will be required to incorporate variable information such as barcodes or numbering.
  • Wristbands with multiple tabs can be custom printed and numbered making them ideal for pre-paid food or drink tickets, rides, and raffles.
  • Ultra violet security ink can be used for added security, but is only effective in dimly lit environments like nightclubs and bars.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are most commonly used for nightclub and live music venue control. Tyvek is a strong, highly resistant material manufactured out of high density polyethylene fibers. While Tyvek wristbands are difficult to tear, they can easily be cut using a sharp object. Wristbands are secured in place by peeling off the adhesive end, and firmly pressing it against the surface of the band. Once the adhesive makes contact with the band, it is difficult to separate the band without causing damage to the wristband. Tyvek itself is water-resistant, but prolonged exposure to water will result in decreased adhesive reliability.

Standard Tyvek wristbands are 1” x 10” and can be purchased in single or consecutively fan folded sheets for easy dispensing.

Low-cost wristband alternative Wristband material is water-resistant , but prolonged exposure to water will affect adhesive reliability
Tear and stretch resistant Low image quality and resolution
Wristband will be damaged when tampered or removed

Plastic Wristbands

Plastic wristbands are ideal for outdoor events, water parks, festivals, and fairs. Plastic wristbands can resist prolonged exposure to water and can be worn for extended periods of time. They are stronger than Tyvek, but can become pliable when exposed to a heat source making them easy to remove. Wristbands are fastened using a one-way locking clip, that cannot be removed once snapped in place.

Standard plastic wristband size is 5/8" x 11" and are also available in variety of specialty sizes and designs.

Weather and water resistant Higher cost per wristband than other available alternatives
One-way locking clip cannot be removed once snapped in place Production time can be as long as two weeks, depending on quantity and design
Wristbands can be printed with High-resolution full color images Plastic can become pliable when exposed to a heat source potentially allowing the user to remove the wristband

Thermal Wristbands

Thermal wristbands are compatible with most major thermal printers available, but ensuring compatibility before you purchase bands is strongly suggested. As with standard thermal ticket stock, the positioning of the timing bars (black lines used to mark the beginning and end of the wristband for printing purposes) on the back of the stock depend on the type and printer model you have. Thermal wristbands are akin to printer labels with printing on one side and a peel-off back. The labels are folded together to form a wristband by affixing each side to the other and keeps the sticky surface away from the skin.

The major advantage of thermal wristbands is the ability to print on-demand, enabling you to custom print without committing to large stock quantities. Wristbands are printed at 300dpi resolution and can incorporate barcodes and variable data such as numbers and seat assignments.

The standard thermal wristband size is 1” x 11” , and are typically manufactured in rolls of 500 with inner cores than can be adjusted to your particular printer model.

Ability to print on-demand and customize wristbands with your event logo, barcodes, and seat assignments Prolonged exposure to water will affect adhesive reliability
Compatible with all major thermal printer manufacturers Thermal wristbands are not recommended for daylight outdoor events, as prolonged exposure to the sun will activate thermal coating and wristbands will turn black
Custom print without committing to large stock quantities Peeling wristband liner in the wrong direction will result with skin making contact with the adhesive
Wristband material is water-resistant, but prolonged exposure to water will affect adhesive reliability

ThunderTix offers gate control solutions for your event including custom ticket printing options, PDF print-at-home tickets, and compatibility with the most popular thermal printers. If you are interested in learning more about ticketing, ticket stock or printers, feel free to contact us.