Event wristbands: Cooler than a concert t-shirt?

event wristbands

Wristbands have long been popular for night clubs, outdoor festivals, and water parks. But today's use of event wristbands as fashion statements by teens and college students should cause all venues to consider this approach to ticketing.

Like the souvenir value of yesteryear's paper tickets, wristbands not only elicit memories, but for teens, the added cachet of wearing attendance to last night's cool concert is akin to buying t-shirts emblazoned with the band's picture. The coolerthe look of the wristband, the more likely it will double as a bracelet.

Teens model their event wristbands

My own daughters wear five different event wristbands between them: the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival, Thunderhill Raceway, a high school formal dance, Schlitterbahn water park, and a cafeteria access band for a Mo-Ranch camping trip. Imagine the thrill of ACL promoters when a two year old wristband helps advertise next month's event. Did Thunderhill recognize that their wristband would grace the arm of a teen and help raise awareness of their out-of-town race track? And Mo Ranch, a much beloved church sponsored camping area would surely find satisfaction that the school outing carried memories on students' arms.

Today, wristbands are more attractive than ever, and custom designed wristbands give venues the opportunity to create fashionable bands worth wearing after an event has passed. With new, more comfortable materials such as cloth and breathable synthetics, new wristbands don't irritate the skin like older wristbands. With new printing processes that provide vibrant canvases, every venue with the potential to reach a youth market should consider this effective ticketing method with a free advertising bonus.

To raise the likelihood your event wristband will have jewelry style appeal, do consider the following:

  1. Make sure you don't place wristbands on too tightly. An uncomfortable wristband will be removed more quickly.
  2. While even simple bands have appeal, do consider designing for teenage audiences. Break out the "cool" factor, use bright colors, and add flashy graphics.
  3. Choose comfortable materials. Cloth is most expensive but certainly the most comfortable. Plastic bands are less tolerable during hot summers, but these may be the best option for water parks.
  4. Don't forget your logo! Big bold logos--especially if you're the local hot spot--will provide more walking billboards.

Fad or not, jump on the wristband-wagon and let your loyal, teenage audience get the word out about your venue and upcoming events.