Crowd Management At Your Event

crowd management

Crowd management at your venue - Part 1

Crowd management means providing a safe and organized setting for patrons entering your venue. This is of paramount importance when you open the doors to your event. We've created this series to guide venue owners with the basics of gate control and crowd management. The suggestions are based on common sense, research, and our experience working with venues like yours. The techniques listed may not apply to all venues and situations, and we recommend that venues -- especially large ones -- consider hiring a professional to assess crowd management based on their unique needs.

Advanced Training and Planning Are Key

Pre-Event homework pays off - planning should occur weeks, if not months prior to the date of any event.

Gather as much background information as possible on the performer(s) that will be featured in your event. If your venue does not have experience with a particular performer, we recommend that you reach out to other venues that have previously hosted the act.

Your research will allow you to learn several important factors:

  • Previous ticket sales
  • Previous crowd behavior
  • Previous problem or success stories
  • Expected crowd demographics

If you are a new venue we recommend you send representatives to observe other venues in action. Having a first hand look at how others handle crowds will provide you with valuable insight, and help form the foundation of your venue's crowd management plan.

Public Awareness

The public plays a pivotal role in a successful crowd management plan. Be sure to educate your patrons on the type of behavior that is expected and the consequences of not adhering to venue policy. Educating your patrons will allow them to understand the key role they play and how their actions can impact their own safety.

  • Display venue Rules and Regulations as clearly as possible for all patrons to see.
  • Encourage patrons to report any suspicious or dangerous activities.
  • The security area should be clearly marked for easy patron visibility and accessibility.

A Well Trained Staff Is A Safe Staff

All of your staff should be intimately aware of your venue's crowd management plans and overall security policies and procedures. Keep in mind that your staff will serve as your eyes and ears throughout the event, and their safety and the safety of your patrons will depend on the level of training they have received.

Training manuals outlining security procedures and policies should be distributed to all venue staff. Routine drills help your staff feel comfortable and prepared for any real emergency situations that might arise.

  • A Crowd Management Plan and Emergency Plan should always be available in writing for easy distribution to staff.
  • CPR and First Aid training is highly recommended for all staff dealing directly with the public.
  • All venue staff and personnel should have their names and identification credentials clearly displayed.

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Gain from our experience

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