Why ThunderTix is a Great Alternative to Eventbrite

We understand small businesses because we are one.
Achieve even greater efficiency and profits with our cost-effective and fee-free ticketing software.

ThunderTix gives you complete control over every aspect of your business from ticket pricing and fees to season pass setup to coupons and promotions. ThunderTix is an event ticketing software with no ticket fees, no long-term contracts, no cancellation fees, and many automated tools and features to save time for you and your staff.

ThunderTix has worked diligently and in collaboration with its users to develop a suite of venue management tools that help you to focus on putting together the perfect event.

Unlike Eventbrite, ThunderTix Offers:

  • No Ticket Fees, but the ability to add your own fees to cover costs.
  • Revenue deposited into your checking account nightly.
  • Numerous options for Payment Gateways.
  • Integration with Thermal Ticket Printers
  • Integration with Mailchimp and Constant Contact
  • Automated Group Discounts
  • Ability to create season passes and flex passes

A fraction of the cost

ThunderTix never takes any percentage of your event revenue while Eventbrite keeps anywhere from 2-3.5% depending on the plan. In addition, Eventbrite charges a starting price of $0.79-1.59 per ticket which is based on their Essentials or Professional Plan. On any ThunderTix plan, we charge the business owner a monthly license based on usage, but we never add ticket fees that your customers pay. You can choose to add a fee to offset the monthly license with ThunderTix and keep 100% of all fees collected to not only pay for ThunderTix but to have revenue left over to reinvest into your business to put on stellar events.

Limited event needs and functions

While the Essentials plan with Eventbrite is less than their Professional plan, you're limited in only being able to create a single ticket type and price for your event. Further, you won't have event analytics, the ability to customize your checkout fields, the ability to embed the event within you own website, and more. ThunderTix provides all of these options even at our General Admission plan which averages only $0.65 per ticket and 0% of your revenue.

When comparing ThunderTix to Eventbrite, it's a no brainer. ThunderTix offers hands-down more functionality at all plans at just a fraction of the cost. Plus, ThunderTix has been developing features over the past 15 years based on the needs and requests of a professional event community. Eventbrite caters more to one-off events like high school reunions, wine tastings, or RSVP birthday parties. We have an array of functions designed to streamline every aspect of the box office at a price with non-profits in mind.