New Barcode Scanning Features


New Barcode Ticket Scanning Software Features

We have two new features to introduce for barcode scanning that will further streamline your gate's efficiency.

  1. Scan All Events - Now you can scan an entire evening's performances all on the same page--no more toggling back and forth between browser windows for different events or ticket types.
    Example: If you have one event for general admission and another event for VIP seating, the person scanning can opt to scan for both events at the same gate at once.
  2. Order Lookup and Scan - Few circumstances slow down a gate more than the patron that forgot their ticket. Now, from the same window, you scan tickets, you can perform a quick order search by name or order number. We'll present you with a list of possible matches including the last four digits of the buyer's credit card for identity verification. The confirmed ticket can then be scanned with a single mouse click directly from the page. Not only will the barcode scan be logged, but fraudulent re-attempts to use a paper ticket will be flagged as duplicates.

Resend Tickets to a New Address

Many of you have had this on your wish list for a long time! You can now enter a new email address to resend an email confirmation in case the address was either misspelled or if for some reason the email was never received at the first address entered.

In addition, and as a safeguard to the original email recipient, we'll send a copy of the email both to the first address and to the venue admin with a note in the subject line indicating the reprint status. This will help reduce fraudulent requests for email confirmations.

  • From Orders, click on the Order ID.
  • If an email address exists for the order, you will now see a new field beneath the "Resend Email Confirmation" button.
  • Enter a different email address into the field below the button.
  • Click Send.

New Browser Status Messaging

Until today, we left a margin of space at the top of each page to display messages to your patrons and our venue users (ie. "Event successfully updated"). We've removed that extra headroom to give you a greater field of view -- especially important on notebook computers and from mobile barcode scanning -- and replaced it with a message that overlays the top of the page.

Event Performances Listing Changes

We also made small changes to the performance listings. For one, it now takes a single click to view performances for an expired event rather than two. Second, we paginated the results to help them load faster. We love little browser tweaks that help you get the job done faster.

More Speed Increases

ThunderTix has the ability to control the purchase process from our end, but has little control over the speed of credit card processing, as it takes place outside of our servers. In any case, we've attempted to lop off a half-second on purchases from our end to help buyers get their tickets more quickly.

Checkout our playlist of scanning videos to learn about all the ways you can scan tickets with ThunderTix!