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advertising on tickets

Madmen Advice: Sell Advertising on Tickets

The portrayal of the advertising industry in AMC’s hit TV series ‘Madmen’ may lead the hard working entertainer that advertiser underwriting is beyond their ability. The truth is, bands and venues can obtain lucrative sponsorship but the right approach is required. Music industry “madmen” Simon Tam and Scott Honsberger have some good advice for bands plus we add our own two cents: sell…
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Cancelled Tickets

How to Prevent Patrons from Using Cancelled Tickets

The story may be a familiar one – a last-minute change to a ticket purchase at the box office. The issue isn’t an error or fraud, merely that the ticket buyer would like to attend a different performance. Of course, your goal is a sale, so you are willing to make the change, it is just a…
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New Barcode Scanning Features

New Barcode Ticket Scanning Software Features We have two new features to introduce for barcode scanning that will further streamline your gate’s efficiency. Scan All Events – Now you can scan an entire evening’s performances all on the same page–no more toggling back and forth between browser windows for different events or ticket types. Example:…
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Barcode Scanning Ticket App

Product information, improvements and system updates. ThunderTix strives to continuously improve the system with updates and new features every month. Enhanced Scanned Barcode Ticket App When a venue scans a bar code for an event on either a PDF ticket or a thermal ticket, the venue admin now sees a very clear display for both…
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