Barcode Scanning Ticket App

Barcode Scanning Ticket App

Product information, improvements and system updates. ThunderTix strives to continuously improve the system with updates and new features every month.

Enhanced Scanned Barcode Ticket App

When a venue scans a bar code for an event on either a PDF ticket or a thermal ticket, the venue admin now sees a very clear display for both valid and invalid barcodes. For clients scanning with a USB connected scanner and laptop, the display will be within the browser page. For those clients using a cordless/wireless barcode scanner, the results will appear right on the barcode scanner app screen.

  • For Valid Barcodes, a large green box will appear on the screen. Inside the green box will be the valid barcode ID as well as the customer's name, if applicable, and the ticket type associated from the purchase.
  • For Invalid Barcodes, a large red box will appear on the screen. Inside the red box, the venue admin will see the invalid barcode ID and the word "Invalid".
  • For Duplicated Tickets, a large red box will appear on the screen. Inside the red box, the venue admin will see the word "DUPLICATE" along with the invalid barcode ID and the original ticket buyer's name. All duplicated ticket scans will show which administrative staff member first scanned the ticket and date/time stamp of the original scan.

Additionally, barcode scanning on wireless/cordless units was reworked to improve speed of scans. The view has been customized specifically for Windows Mobile devices so that styles are minimum and screen view is at a maximum.

By Popular Request

A note about time to complete order

On the last page before getting to the final checkout screen, we added a note to the buyer about the total time they have to complete their checkout process. The exact wording used is:

After clicking Continue, you have 5 minutes to complete your order.

(NOTE: The time limit was increased to 7 minutes in November of 2011.)

Faster Loading - Expired Events

Many of our venues that hold several events per week and have been long-term clients had an ever growing list of past, or expired, events. At times, our clients might need to refer back to the past event and could do so with the "Show Expired Events" link.

Now, rather than loading all past events on a single page, we load only the most recently expired 25 events at first and offer links to all other past events. This has drastically increased the page speed, thus making a happier ThunderTix user experience.

Faster Checkout at Sales Window

For a more integrated box office experience, we have fully implemented a USB credit card swipe for the final checkout of an order. Now, if you are logged into the system and you have an USB card reader connected to your computer, there is no required customer information to successfully process the order.

Currently, when you manually key in the credit card number and expiration, the CVV code and customer email address had been required. We have lifted both of those requirements for both swiped and keyed entries.

Additionally, we removed every (*) that appeared next to each of the fields on the final checkout page when logged into the system. While the fields with the red asterisk were not required to checkout if you were logged in, the asterisk did appear. So all of those fields have now been removed to reduce any confusion. We have also added the following note to that page:

No fields are required for logged in users.
However, the general public will be prompted to enter required fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Finally, after a venue staff member completes an order they have the option to immediately begin another order for the same event for the same day of the event sales.

Enhanced Packages

Season ticket packages have been re-designed for an enhanced appearance. All aspects of season ticket packages now clearly step both the venue admin and the buyer through selecting the proper packages. We now offer both open-ended packages and defined packages. With Open Packages, buyers can select the desired dates they want to attend to each production. With Defined Packages, buyers purchase a pre-defined set of dates for each event production.