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What Google can learn from the ticketing industry

Tickets for Google’s annual technology conference went on sale earlier today and, like in years past, there were several problems. Here’s a quick look at what the search industry giant can learn from the ticketing industry, namely the art of the pre-sale.

romantic walking tour tickets

Romantic walking tour tickets at peak demand

Tour operators are familiar with the traditional holiday rush but did you know that Valentine’s day can be just as busy? Savvy guides are tailoring tours in very creative (and lucrative) ways for couples that have been struck by Cupid’s arrow. If you are thinking about adding a love theme to your tour and tap into the demand…
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Don't forget the lesser known ancillary events of Mardi Gras

Today is “Fat Tuesday”, the last of Mardi Gras celebrations before Lent, and National Public Radio (NPR) has poignantly posted a reminder of the lesser known events that sometimes get lost among the French Quarter. In aggregate, ancillary events can be as profitable as the big marquee events, sometimes, even more profitable. Courir de Mardi…
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alpha psi rodeo tickets

Selling Alpha Psi Rodeo Tickets In (Little More Than) '8 Seconds'

The classic rodeo film ‘8 seconds’ gets its name from the length of time a cowboy has to stay on the animal for the ride to qualify. It takes more than eight seconds to sell all of the Alpha Psi Rodeo tickets, but not by much since it is one of the most popular events on…
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train ride reservation software

Nostalgia on a 150th Anniversary Train Ride

Nostalgia isn’t just for rowdy Rock & Roll concerts. Sometimes the most enduring memories are made far from traditional venues like nightclubs and stadiums. This week, a vintage locomotive marked its 150th anniversary by taking passengers on a train ride down memory lane. Surprisingly, the nostalgia for trains chronicled in this post has parallels to nostalgia for music concerts gone by – including ticket sales.…
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theatre box office software

The Performing Arts at The Movies

As a theatre box office software, ThunderTix’s Green Means Go prides itself on being a source of information performing arts theater and nonprofits can use for creative solutions to vexing problems. ThunderTix offers many features to theaters as an easy-to-use theatre box office software. We want to help theaters sell tickets, accept donations, and promote…
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November Software Updates

Software updates

As part of our our on-going effort to bring you the very latest tools to help increase ticket sales, we’re excited to announce the following November software updates. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Account News, Software Updates & Improvements December 17, 8:00 PM New Drop Down Option for Surveys For times when you need specific…
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pre-sale tickets

Pre-sale tickets - Venues vs. performers

Harsh criticism by a talent manager on the subject of pre-sale tickets isn’t surprising, talent needs to have proper representation, but has Justin Herring gone too far? Is there really as much exploitation of performers as his OpEd suggests? We’ll look at what has been said about pre-sale tickets as it relates to your venues bottom line.…
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Dave Chappelle

Secret Dave Chappelle show at the Paramount

Being able to react quickly and capitalize on an unscheduled opportunity is a critical skill every venue should have, especially if tickets to the surprise event are instantly in extremely high demand. That scenario occurred just a few hours ago at the Paramount Theater in Austin Texas when a secret performance by comedian Dave Chappelle suddenly happened.…
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Gate efficiency – A look at barcode scanners

Like any technology, barcode scanners are constantly changing. What never changes is the need for your event to be cost effective and profitable. We’ll quickly take a fresh look at how ticket barcode scanners increase gate efficiency and reduce patron wait times. Why do we blog this? Whether your venue has one entrance or several, the use…
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