Capitalizing on Ticket Sales Cycles with Social Media

social media contests

ZACH Theatre (@zachtheatre) inspired action among their fan base by announcing a contest through social media about tonight's show, Spring Awakening. Not only did I score a couple of tickets for the show, I'll almost certainly enjoy a glass of wine offered at the venue, help fill empty seats, and may end up bringing my daughters along as paying patrons.

Contests can inspire action.

Comedy clubs recognize that our enjoyment of the act is integrally tied to the crowd around us. Laughter is said to be contagious, and that contagion is magnified when the room is crowded and we are elbow to elbow with our neighbors. Hence, tables are packed closely together and tickets are often inexpensive, relative to other forms of entertainment. A full house sells more drinks affecting the bottom line, and the experience is heightened with an exuberant crowd. Happy crowds tell their friends, who share socially with their friends...

In addition, theaters and nightclubs understand that performers play at a higher level to a full house. And great performances inspire sharing. So, ZACH made a great decision in holding a contest to get some butts in those seats. And of course, they also know the influence of a personal testimonial.

In today's world of social sharing, we love to tell friends where we are and what we are doing. No better platform exists than an event to take advantage of that sharing. As ZACH surely hoped, I tweeted my winning tickets, and then I'll retweet this very blog post about their effective use of social media. In addition, I'll probably check in on Gowalla, Foursquare, or Facebook, and assuming I enjoy the show, I'll be certain to share that with friends too. And the cycle just may continue.