Default Event Settings

Default Event Settings

Venue Inactivation Message

We are working towards the creation of default "venue and event settings" which will pre-populate each new event you create with event defaults -- without having to "copy and paste" the data into each new event. This week's new setting is an inactivation message that will display when your event goes off sale. This might be used either because the time has passed or you utilize the "venue inactivation time" that removes events from public sale a set period of time either before or after the event. You may override the message at the event level.

Hide Default "Sold Out" Message

Our next default setting allows you to optionally hide the "Sold Out" message even when no tickets remain in inventory. This is important for those venues that prefer to hold a few tickets at the door for last-minute purchasers to an event. Using your "Post Sale Message", you may indicate to these customers that while tickets are no longer available online, they may still be available at the door.

Optionally Collect Tax on Coupons

Currently, sales tax is collected on the full value of all orders processed prior to coupons that are redeemed. If your municipality does not require tax on coupons, you may now override this setting, and we will automatically reduce the total tax due by the coupon's tax value. To override this setting, go to your Account Settings, click on your Venue's name, and in the General Information tab, "uncheck" the "Collect tax on coupons" checkbox.

Order Maximum for Ticket Type

You may now set the maximum number of tickets for a specific ticket type that a customer can purchase in an order. For example, if you have employee and guest ticket types, you may limit the number of guests that can be purchased on any one order. This sets the stage for creating a capacity by ticket type expected in the fall.