Event Coupons — Round 2!

Event Coupons -- Round 2!

event coupons


BOGO Offers

Create a coupon for common BOGO offers like Buy One, Get One Free or Buy 3, Get One Free. For Buy One, Get One Free: create a new Create Your Own Coupon that requires 2 tickets be in the customer's cart and with the use of a unique coupon code of your choice, like "BOGO", the lesser expensive of those 2 tickets will be discounted off the customer's order. Coupon options galore!

Group Discounts

Create a coupon to manage group discounts for at-home ticket buyers that awards a discount after a set number of tickets are selected. For example, you may create a coupon that awards a $4 discount off each ticket purchased only when 6 or more tickets are purchased. Group discounts may award a dollar off per ticket, a percentage off per ticket or order, or a free ticket when specific quantities are set.

Bulk Edits on Imports

For those of you that use ThunderTix to help manage the redemptions of daily deals like GroupOn, you can now edit all coupons at once from a previous import. The bulk edit will be based on the coupon Name at the time of import. So, if on a certain date you need to reduce the value of all GroupOn codes in your account from $40 to $20, edit a single coupon from that import and simply check the box to "apply these changes to all". Likewise, the bulk edit applies not only to price, but any characteristic applied at the time the coupons were imported.

Automatic Expiration Date

Set the date when you want event coupons to automatically expire. At midnight CST on the date chosen, the coupon will no longer be valid for additional redemptions. This feature is immediately available on all existing coupons by the edit link.

Unlimited Quantity

For ongoing coupons and promo codes with no redemption limits, set the quantity for usage to "unlimited". Redemptions will be allowed until the coupon either expires or is deleted from your list. All existing coupons with usage over 200 have already been modified to use the "unlimited" designation.

Automatically Apply to all Tickets

For coupons that can be redeemed repeatedly, you can now set certain codes to automatically be applied to every ticket in a customer's cart after entering the code just once.

Limit 1 per Order

Now, you can advertise a limited time promotion where you offer 25% off a single ticket, Limit 1 per Order. With this option, you can create a coupon with unlimited uses for a 2 week period (expiring per the new "expiration" field as noted above) but limit the buyer to applying the coupon only one time for per entire order.

Punch Card Flex Pass

Now available -- a 4th type of season pass! The new Punch Card is another style of automatically generated coupon codes. Like the Standard Flex Pass already available, the Punch Card allows you to create an event that upon purchase, will generate and send via email a coupon/voucher code for each ticket purchased. Also as with the Standard Pass, you then specify which events those voucher codes may be redeemed. With the new Punch Card, your customers may decide how and when to use their vouchers -- once per show, 3 times for one show and twice for another, or any combination they see fit.

Essentially, the customer receives a code valid for a number equal to the number of events you choose to allow the coupon's use. Therefore, if the Punch Card subscriber has guests in from out of town, they have the option to treat those guests to the theater and potentially even use all their "punches" on a single show. If they watched a show that they loved so much, they want to go back and see it again on a different night, the Punch Card is a perfect fit.

Reporting for Auto-Generated Codes

If you have an automatically generated coupon, you can now get more information regarding orders with redeemed coupons as well as the actual codes generated the number of times each has been redeemed. Easily see how many "punches" a customer has used in their Punch Card Flex Pass. Hover over the Info icon on any automatically generated coupon to see at a glance how many times those codes have been redeemed and how many have been generated.

Coupon Export

Look for the new icon displayed within the event under the Export column to the right of any date in your admin panel, as well as from an individual event sales report. The report will open as a CSV file of all coupons used, their value, order and customer information.

New Order Sum on Coupon Search

When you do a search for a specific coupon code within a given date range to see exactly which codes have been redeemed, there is now a new sum displayed in the gray box on upper right of the page. Learn the value of all orders paid for that coupon when compared to the total amount discounted for that coupon to better analyze the return for a given promo code.

Better Error Checking

If you attempt to create or edit a coupon without required fields, you'll appreciate the redesigned error display so you won't have to reenter your information.