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Christmas Events

Ticketing Software for Nonprofit Christmas Events

When planning nonprofit Christmas events it is important to understand the role ticketing software plays in making the most of the season’s generosity. Lots of Christmas Bookings Recently, Event Industry News published “Early Indications Point Towards Events Industry Growth Over Christmas” and cited promising economic indicators for venues booking Christmas events. Although it’s still early days…
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It's the  Economy Experience, Stupid

The familiar line from Bill Clinton’s campaign around the economy should resonate with theaters, music venues, raceways and other ticketed forms of entertainment as venues focus on “the experience” to entice more patrons to the ticket window. Studies show that buying a new pair of shoes will never bring the same level of happiness than…
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Don't expect to sleep at The Drowsy Chaperone

“I’m too drowsy for The Chaperone”, I quipped. It was Friday night at the end of a long week, and I feared falling asleep during the production of The Drowsy Chaperone at Zach Theatre. As medicine for sleepiness, this fabulous musical couldn’t be beat; I was on the edge of my seat. This show centers…
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